The National Assembly will set up an election election committee

05 February, 2019 01:15 AM

Deputy Juan Juan Pablo Guanipa, a member of the National Policy Admissions Commission of the National Assembly, said that the Parliament will " today marks the Election Names Committee to select a new National Election Council.

"CNE will set up, after its election and in the discharge of its duties, the procedures for holding president elections as soon as possible," he said.

Guanipa explained, although the Constitution states that the date for its 30-day convention, "at that time it is not impossible to make a choice in Venezuela."

He said that a new CNE had been selected so that he "was activated to permanently clean up his Permanent Voting, so that new voters can register without the lumps They have been here until now and all Venezuelans who live outside the country also have the opportunity to record and participate in clear and open elections to all. "

Guanipa made the news in Maracaibo, in action with the civil society of the entity, where the way that was found with the challenge to fulfill democratic change was discussed: "It is very important that we all attentive and ready to contribute to the re-establishing of democracy The information caused by the regime does not harm the fight that is being done, "he said.

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