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"The PSUV must return to the National Assembly": journalist Vanessa Davies

For journalist Vanessa Davies, a person must be blind without seeing the state of "calamity" in which the country is find themselves. However, the solution does not force through the force only through the elections, the same, as he said, would have a & # 39; Most of Venezuela won.

In an interview with this newspaper, when he was in a & # 39; Visiting Maracaibo, he said that there must be an understanding between the parties and in that conversation, it should be addressed to the & # 39; Psuv return to the National Assembly and how the Parliament will re-establish.

– In your opinion, what are the emerging initiatives?
-When people say that you need to listen to people, you must give them the opportunity and the way through the election process. It is possible to feel that we all have a " emerge from a situation that we do not want, I refer to Chavismo as well as the whole of the challenge and the unreliable department, we can all agree that the election route is the Those that we want to go through most. If it is not the election route, what is it? As most do not want the force's way, we have promised that it is a choice; in the way, and that it permits if its; Most want to change, this change is happening, and that it will be done; considered to change. If the will is going on with the situation as now, you will have the opportunity to express yourself.

-I have seen that a party is not willing to negotiate …
-It I think they're going to; Encourage each other and guide us to & # 39; increasing the country does not want. What is the country that likes to have & # 39; speak and agree. I can say that I'm talking for her & # 39; Most of the people, what do we want ?, Do they agree, that they can express ourselves and express ourselves? leaving an emergency situation. We have already been damaged by the economic, social, the signs are demonstrated, we have a great deal of harm, but we can stop these spoils and try to happen again, which is Going through understanding. They need to sit down and talk, among other things to name a new CNE and to make elections, the PSUV must be in the National Assembly. They should start there, let us talk about how the PSUV returns to the Asset. The middle dissertation, which I do not share, is how we will make the Synod a. to return to its normal basic life, as we return to the everyday life of a country, of society that is supposed to be aiming at something else from now on.

-The polarization and radical have grown, but in Chavismo there is no place for self-suction because the disagreement has received many attacks …
– High level of tolerance and that's going to let us go astray. For example, the group of ministers and directors on the left met by Juan Guaidó and the decision I reached as a journalist, when I heard comments, the Government did not hear what they said with Guaidó. They have not been met by saying that they recognize that he is an interim president, they met with Guaidó to tell him that we need to stop the situation of their terror that fears them . And they went to conversation among Venezuelans, because we need to be able to speak, apart from our differences, among the Venezuelans.
And the complaints made by Guaidó, they did, but it seems that within what remains of that chavism, or an office of office, I think they did not hear what they said, and there is a problem in for disasters that do not want to know what they are; there. what the rest builds. That's really bad. I heard Professor (Héctor) Navarro and said he would recognize Guaidó as president of the AN and in that situation they were going to talk to him.

-The shared ideas of humanitarian support, the Government says that there is no humanitarian crisis …

-This I believe our country is in a critical position. Socio-economic factors are essential and we need support to find out here. Now, that is the warranty of the Seán or Maduro, I do not agree, because human suffering is in the middle of the political fight and that is the case; need to be added above. We need that collaboration, not three boxes, which require continuous support in several months, not just for the needs needed but to recover our proficiency. We need to take that out of the fight between the political centers, as long as that is there, that help does not; Going to reach those who need it.

You must be blind not to see how our country is, the Government says that it is because of its existence; the opponent says that because of the Government's policies, for any reason, the country is in a state of affairs lost and does not see it unlawful.

– As a journalist, how do you think of your media place today?
-The media in a very difficult situation, we can not emphasize the big problems that are facing us; part of the national Government, which is true. When we talk about tolerance, in a & # 39; This climate of generosity, the media and journalists are also suffering from that situation. It is not the best environment for a voluntary debate where everyone can make the differences, give their ideas, exchange ideas free, I think that this time. I believe that the communication environment is Lead us to increase the struggle, instead of helping to & # 39; understand each other. Here I am putting a great responsibility in the Government, I do not have to scare, I'm not afraid of the debate, and it seems to have been. We can not even ask journalists. (Hugo) Chávez enjoying difficult questions; ask, maybe he answered ugly, but you could ask him the questions.

– What was the challenge of journalists before the "fake news"?
– You need to be very tight, confident, do not take everything that is spread through social networks, you must confirm. It's hard because we have official sources closed, earnestly, what is proof when some of our officers want to give it, which makes it difficult, but our hands are tight, we do not need to make bad journalism because there is a serious problem, bad conditions and a hard environment need to be an inspiration for us to make journalism better every time, and that journalism is better at & # 39 ; going too hard, proof, inclusion, we need to listen to all sections. We can not make journalism based on our sympathy or politics, we need to think about a service journalism.

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