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The struggle for being the best video game of the year It is just beginning. However, 2019 started with a number of titles which have achieved very high marks on the Metacritic review page. The plan has five titles which have a score of nearly 90 and are continued to be the most important of the year.

Metacritic is a page that collects criticism from a range of specialist media (as well as registered users) to obtain an average number from 0 to 100. Its activity goes back to 2001, the year created by t Jason Dietz, Marc Doyle and Julie Roberts, USA.

The topics covered are Metacritic recordings, films, television shows, books and video games. Also, to make better your results, Metacritic groups take the final results in three colors. To be red (0 to 49 points), yellow (50 to 74) and green (75 to 100), respectively. T

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Next, we present the five best 2019 video games of each generation to their Metacritic score.

5. – Slay an Spire (PC) – 89 points out of 100

The game is a video game and dungeons search developed by Mega Mega Games on PC (through Steam) and Nintendo Switch. It is headed 89 points review of Metacritic in his PC version 21 reviews. In the user review section, Slay the Spire features 6.6 out of 10 of 233 comments.

At the beginning, the game gives you a choice of three characters: Silent, Armor, and Deficiency. Each has its own unique attacks and characteristics, and so it is important to choose with criteria. Then, as this game is based on turning, we have the ability to enter into different girls and oppose enemies. Each black hole has three floors, each containing a different and random head.

Choose your cards well, as going to this stage we will attack the enemies and try to get force. In addition, each game within a dungeon offers us the best practice in each letter, according to the power and usefulness of each.

We leave you a trailer game:

4.- Devry May Cry 5 (PC) – 90 points out of 100

Draft PC Cag May May 5 going on last year in March 7. Since then, the Capcom video game has been successful in criticism. According to Metacritic, the new tranche of the game by Dante 90 points out of 100, this is due to 19 reviews. In the customer sector, DMC 5 receives 8.8 based on 723 customer views.

Also, it should be noted that the version on PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One 87/100, was the result of 88/100.

A story of this game has been developed many years after Devil May Cry 2 events. Dante and Nero will be more adults and it will depend on destroying a demon tree appearing in City Grave City. Then we have a new game character: V. A powerful animal attacker.

Here is the trailer of Capcom's new work:

3.- NieR: Automata – Game of YoRHa Edition (PS4) – 91 points out of 100 t

So successful was the Japan Platinum Games for PlayStation 4. The version of the title by star 2B and 9S, both noroids with philosophical questions, with all downloadable content (DLC) greater than 90 points in Metacritic. NieR: Automata – A game of YoRHa Edition is available in all markets around the world from 26 February on PC.

The game was achieved in Metacritic with score 91 out of 100 as a result of 10 reviews, only one above the fourth. Your score for users is also 8.5.

NieR: Automata – The game of the YoRHa Edition is the version of all DLCs distributed to the NieR date of the game: Automata. In addition, the game continues with NieR licensing.

The play-game was directed by renowned Japanese developer Yoko Taro. The poem tells the story of two giants who are the mission of destroying machinery on Earth, because they influenced the planet thousands of years ago.

We leave your game trailer to increase your knowledge:

2.- Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Xbox One) 91 out of 100

From Software will become the new name Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The recent title has become the creator of the Souls Dark series to stores on 22 March for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In the Microsoft version, Sekiro: Shadows Die Two times the score scored 91 out of 100, just like NieR: Automata – Game of YoRHa Edition, just that the title from Software e was a result of 25 reviews (and not 10). In the audience section, the game comes with a star of shinobi El Lobo 8.1 points.

The draft version, the PlayStation 4, was awarded 90 points out of 100 and the PC received the same result.

The title tells a story about him Wolf, that is losing his arm in the stealing of his young master. Maggie's mission is to get the teacher back from the hands of Ashina's hands. In all Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, several powerful enemies will appear. If you are interested, we will leave the survey.

We'll show you the trailer Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:

1.- Evil Residents 2 Remake (Xbox One) 93 of 100

The rebalancing of the classic Resident Evil 2 for PlayStation 1 is in 1998 to date so far. the best game so far in 2019. Your version for Xbox One will get one 93 out of 100 based on 26 reviews. His draft for PS4 is given 90 points and in PC 89. In the consumer sector, this title is 8.4 with 591 observations.

The videogame survived on 25 January with Capcom, its original creators, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The story of the rescued evil 2 Remake happens two months after what happened when the people became zombies in City Raccoon. This video game is made up of key characters from the young police Leon S. Kennedy and university Claire Clairefield, who wants to live in crisis through the myths and legends town.

We leave you a trailer game:

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