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They searched the house of actor Kelly Perfecto

March 21, 2019 10:12 PM
Updated on March 21, 2019 22:31 PM

On this night, country security officials assisted Kelly Perfecto's mother's house, a deputy minister to the National Assembly with Tupamaro Motion.

One of the last people to have been telephoned by the head of the Juan Guaidó headquarters office, Roberto Marrero, is Perfecto before being returned by officers from the Bolivarian National Information Service (Sebin).

“The scallops will continue in Caracas. Information is now sought from the playwright Kelly Perfecto. The last person to get in touch with Roberto Marrero by phone, "said journalist Daniel Blanco on Twitter."

It is not known until now the place where the parliament is shelter, which has shown its support and recognition to the interim president of the Republic, Juan Guaidó.

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