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They will find two new bacteria in a & # 39; human disease

Scientists from the Laboratory Biology Molecular Biology (EMBL) and Wellcome Sanger Institute (RA) identified nearly 2,000 species of fluid that are residing in the & disease. The progress, published in Nature, could give thanks to powerful computing techniques that allowed to; identifying genomes, the set of genes, of these organisms.

"Computing methods allow us to understand bacteria that we can not continue to work in the surgery," said Rob Finn, head of EMBL's research team in a statement.


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Although technology does not allow these microbanks to grow in laboratories or not to be monitored, Analyze, computer science and ordering methods (metagenomics) can be organized and read individually. Therefore, species that have been unknown to date have not been discovered.

"Using metagenomics to reconstruct bacteria genome is a bit like rebuilding hundreds of puzzles after mixing all the pieces, no matter what the final image is It seems, and after it has made a few pieces to make the job a bit harder, "said Fionn.

Despite how difficult & # 39; In this work, researchers now have powerful computing methods to enter the mystery of the world and, in particular, the microbiota.


Map of microbiota. Scientists are closer to creating a complete map of all microbanks that are usually part of the lives of people in North America and Europe.

Minorities Until now, it has been evident that there is a vital role in behavioral microorganisms to prevent the acquisition of pathogens, the control of the protection system and its; including nutrition.

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