They will offs off a show of Gualberto Ibarreto in Tenerife for "close to the artist with the Chavez regime"

8 February 2019 – Ernesto Villegas, Minister for People's Power for Culture, Friday night on his Twitter account when a presentation was suspended in Tenerife, the Canary Islands (Spanish), the great master of Venezuelan traditional musician Gualberto Ibarreto, "for be close to the artist with the Chavez regime ".

I was just talking to Gualberto and his wife, who confirmed that the show was first released for March 31 in Tenerife, apparently appearing on television in an activity by Head- sitting Nicolás Maduro at Miraflores Palace. " The minister explained in a tweet.

He also explained The exhibition was organized by the Folkloric Society of Cumaco Music Venezuelan in the area of ​​Tenerife, the Canary Islands. In the event, artists such as Enrique Barrios, Rafael Flores "El Morocho", 2ABC Music, Luis Medina Show, Afro-Venezuelan Cumaco, Carlos Talez and "several characters from the local music game" will also take participated in Gualberto Ibarreto for more than 40 years of music career.

Villegas the truth as "non-fascinating persecution against Venezuelan artists" and he recalled that Ibarreto has been regarded as the glory of Venezuelan music.

The minister published the letter in which the outdated event was described, "who respects our country". The letter states that "convictions are being abolished" because of how close the artist is to the Chavez system that is still in Venezuela, "and shows whose decision is based not only on a political situation in Venezuela, but also "our professional and citizen philosophy can correct a mistake before we can even do it". The letter is signed by representatives of the activity, Luis Medina and Otoniel Delgado, representatives of the Cumaco Native American Cumaco and Traditional Music Association.

Letter to stop it

"The text that is reported to be the abolition of a prolonged bodyless persecution in several countries against Venezuelan artists with the argument that was circulated on its & Connection that was made by the revival of Bolivarian Revolution " Villegas complaint. "The line that has been issued out of Washington to criminate Chamoism and all that is similar to or similar to normal use of faisism – is getting married to damaging the standard artist Gualberto Ibarreto, who is missed by Venezuela as a whole ", continuation.

The minister also said that "a rival to Gualberto Ibarreto in Spain Pedro Sánchez, where Franco seems to have been rebuilt, which happened a day after Colombia's Iván Duque and Álvaro Uribe Vélez to be banned to sing Venezuelan musician Omar Enrique, with the same Faisist argument. "

Villegas said the thousands of Canarians who were overseas went to Venezuela. "The struggle with Gualberto is going to this whole country that gave them so much," he said.

Earlier hours, Minister Villegas announced that he would give up liaising with Unesco Director, Audrey Azoulay, to state that the government of Iván Duque, president of Colombia, preventing the organization's rules by preventing the entry of its country by Venezuelan artist Omar Enrique, Participating as an artist in Carnival of Barranquilla, where he shared the stage with artists such as Maná or Gilberto Santa Rosa. An immigrant from Colombia said he was banned from entering as he was part of 200 people near his / her; President Maduro.

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