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The success of the Lightning Network (LN) sponsor continued to a major donations campaign that ended the visit to Latin America, in the hands of the humanitarian cutting project, Bitcoin Venezuela. .

CriptoNoticias spoke to the project team (who are working with Bitcoin from 2015), to get details of the elections, as well as their final discussions with Twitter user, @hodlonaut, which created he trusted the donation campaign through

@Hodlonaut told us that he would have to close the donation campaign in Tallycoin because he was going to withdraw from Twitter for a while (…) We are very grateful to the community, @hodlonaut and t all who submit to the project. support humanity Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative & # 39; (BFVI) of Bitcoin Venezuela.

Bitcoin Venezuela

According to the team, although they have already received money from the collecting campaign, t they have not yet transported the chain. "The torch has not yet been sent, but it is already in the final portfolio. We accept that it will be at the end of tomorrow", explained by Bitcoin Venezuela.

As they said, the money raised by the campaign in will be "100% used for humanitarian aid, buying food in Venezuela for more than 1,800 people." helping to bake and buy medicines for people in fragile situations in the country. But, after receiving more than 0.41 BTC, it is likely that resources need to be managed less.

Finally, we talked about #LNTrustChain, a campaign that followed these grants and implies vitality for the interest in the network of two bitcoins, Lightning Network (LN).

"The #LNTrustChain has been an interesting test. It was possible to draw people's attention to the numbers of people using the Light Network, as well as to the test. disadvantages ", taken from Venezuelan's body."

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