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We Play With Everything & Themes: The 7 new rules that promise to revitalize SonarFM football

The Board of International Football Clubs recommends a great change in one of the most traditional types of game: The penalties.

The last one is NOT VAR!

In the last few times, the plans are maintained by International Board of Football Clubs, an entity that is responsible for developing the rules in football, and aims at 7 & 39; bring together new orders that may play sport worldwide.

The last session of the group was held in Scotland and had representatives from FIFA and federations of the United Kingdom.

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In fact, this was a topic of conversation in a & # 39; first editing of & # 39;We play with everything& # 39 ;, a sports program with Tele13 Radio and with a partnership Pablo Aranzaes, Rodrigo Vera, Rodrigo Eyzaguirre and Ignacio Pérez Tuesta.

This is the New Regulations

1. After the punishment has been rescued or revived in the dress, the play does not follow

If the visitor refuses to file the member or member; Get one of the clubs, the play will terminate immediately, and # 39; preventing players from scamming on the revival. A soft tree will be allowed.

2. The plays are invalid by the hand in the attack area

Any drama that includes an attack action that is by hand, aims or opportunities, even if the accident is disqualified, will be disqualified.

3. The player will replace: with the shortest way

The football player does not have to leave the middle of the change again and will help the company come in. Now you can leave where you are, that is, the shortest way.

4. Coaches can be heard and deleted. The voicemail will disappear and you will see the cards.

5. The member can be connected to the area when the visitor withdrew.

6. The ball will go down when he jumped to the referee.

7. The players set to disturb the disturbance must be a meter away.

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