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WhatsApp finally removes anyone you send to their groups

3 April, 2019

Having discussions with WhatsApp can be very daunting when you pull out of the system, and WhatsApp will eventually resolve the problem, in a new format that allows you to add to your group discussions, and luckily there will be a way to stop it. .

A person with a laptop and smartphone WhatsApp is eventually banning anyone from joining their groups.
Image by Ivanko80 through Shutterstock
This is how you can make it:
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and go to> Cookies> Accounts.
  • Tap “Groups” and select the option that suits you. The first one will ask that the user first asks the invitation to be invited:
  1. No one: No one can add anybody to an organization without permission. If you would like to join a group you must make your own connection or invitation.
  2. My friends: Only your friends can send you to an unsolicited group.
  3. Anyone: Anyone can send groups to someone, whether you have your friends or a full stranger that has sent you in with your phone number.

If you value your privacy, you must select one of the first options.

The privacy setting is applied to some users today, and is available worldwide in a few weeks.

Origin: Finally WhatsApp lets you stop people getting to their fucking groups

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