"Why can I see this?", A new Facebook that explains why it is displaying special publications for you

Since most social networks left the order in chronological order, we are responsible for the magic of the algorithm to see the news. Generally we will not get much information about it, but Facebook has taken a decision to take it forward Why can I see this?.

This is a contextual act that is now implemented for all publications that appear on Facebook, which open a leaflet to explain several. the reasons for a particular publication are presented in your news

It is not just for adverts

The new task is a gradual evolution of reasons why can I see this advertisementhowever, that is approximately five years, although it is clear only for publications. In this case, it applies to any publication, including publishing your friends, groups or pages you are following.

To access this role you must click on the Preferences button (the three points of the publication corner) and select Why can I see this?. This shows a menu where the amount is defined, which phone features in Facebook. According to Facebook, the social network includes "tens of thousands of factors", but this is a detailed version.

In this guide, it is explained, for example, that you normally refer to this type of publication, which you have recently responded to a similar publication or that you have usually refers to photographic publications. By looking at these options you will access extended information, and at the bottom you have the opportunity to make changes to what you see on your Facebook news.

in terms of why can I see this advertisementas we had previously mentioned, it is not a new job, but he also received a great deal of development. As you were now so far you only had to produce a series of demographic data for your profile that was identical to the profile sought by the advertiser, more information on this page. allocated.


These information is shown in a section timeline, providing the latest actions that brought news to your Facebook news. In the example on the screen above it is noted that one company has provided a list of users with the user's email with the advert and so the advert. These types of information have remained hidden from user experience to date.

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