Why did someone pay 580 thousand USD in commissions to move USD 25 in swindlers? | Christian

The Ethereum network was scheduled, on Tuesday, 19 February, which could be a business tax payable; Existing cost to date for cryptocurrencies. An unidentified user was a commission of 2,100 ETH, equivalent to 308,889.00 dollars at a & # 39; Current price, for just transferring 0.1 ETH (14.69 dollars) from its glaptocurrency phase.

The Reddit social network users find four other items that were made today by the same user, by Non-standard levels are high for the level of work. There were three jobs for a measure of 0.02 ETH, equivalent to 2.94 dollars. Two of them received commissions for 420 ETH, about 61,700 dollars; and the third one for 840 ETH ($ 123,421). A fourth transaction paid for a sum of 0.01 ETH, less than 1.5 dollars, a commission of 30,855 dollars or 210 ETH. Added, the benefits of 3,990 ETH reached about 586,191 dollars.

Ethereum users were amazed, and social networks commented on the possible method for these strange movements. In a thread of Reddit it was celebrated at a An error that the developer may have. The publication, posted by its user Pressure (Millibars), "developers' recommendations" to carry out the relevant tests before they donate anything that interacts with the "Ethereum" main network.

Co-founder of the unified demand platform, IOST, Jimmy Zhong, commented on the truth in his account of the Twitter social network. Although he did not outweigh the error, he stated that Samaritan could be a good help.

Other users were not so happy, and raised their likelihood that it was a case of money waste; there. The user aznar In Reddit's opinion that many of the commissions are paying too much It may be a "good way to profit profiles". Although other forum partners were different from this idea, as a result a number of mineral organizations were advocating the benefits.

A & # 39; The Sparkpool group was more profitable with the upper stages, since it blocked a block of 7,238,290, with its highest paid business. The bonus received a total block prize of 2,103,1485 ETH, More than 310,000 dollars at home prices; at present. There were two other groups, Ethermine and Nanopool, who were excavating; Rest of the blocks in which the "winning" items are.

Sparkpool recited Wednesday, saying he stopped renting on Tuesday that created a "mining prize" of 2,100 ETH, who said that "immersion was to put forward the emergency device inside." The company decided to frustrate that amount and expect the person involved to contact them. "If the message is not sent to us in a few days, Sparkpool will deliver the commissions to the miners."

There were errors involving large amounts, previously seen in the cryptocurrency industry. Last January, the South Choir Coisest exchange announced the error in the server that spread the same as 5.3 million dollars in bitcoins among its customers. In this case, the delivery ceremony of the We Game Token (WGT) gift donations, but failed to send BTC failure to users instead.

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