Xiaomi has mobile trends that hitting the four sides and it's all scrolling & # 39;

Although manufacturers who have just come into fashion, it seems that it is already the truth the time of the record is a & # 39; come to an end. Almost all brands investigate a variety of different ways other than to # 39; avoid the animation on the screen and perform a display range that is displayed on the screen; growing. The holes are one, but they also create doubts about it.

Well, Xiaomi has filed a patent application in the World Intellectual Property Holding Office (WIPO) which, eventually, The 100% ratio / face table not to fall into disasters or sliding systems. How come? In terms of cost to bend four edges of the screen.

All face camera screenshots

The German media, Let's Go Digital, find a new Xiaomi painter who describes a smartphone screen bent with four sides. To make an alternative, it would be something similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 frames, but also on the top and bottom of the machine.

Xiaomi Patent

This Xiaomi design is, in addition, there is no face camera not in the shape of a shingle or drove, which means that it would return this feature or that it could visit a type of lens that was embedded in the screen, as it is says Samsung has a & # 39; trying to do. By spreading with & # 39; face camera and curbing the edges, we would have a last screen with a screen; including 100% of the face, an aim of more and more aiming for manufacturers.

Xiaomi Letsgodigital

Although a "plug-in" plug-in can be attractive, it does not appear to be a very practical solution, as they appear in the Android Commission, especially if we are in a position; try to knock the machine. Not to mention his badly brutal.

As we can see in the image, in addition, this patent appears in the double camera with LED film on the side and USB connection on the bottom frame (possibly the type C). Unable to find a fingerprint reader or a telephone call. And there's no buttons, which also provides a model from other Chinese brands: Vivo APEX 2019 and Meizu Zero.

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