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Xiaomi Redmi 7 reaches 139 euro, impossible!

He keeps up with Xiaomi and keeps up with her latest news. Today our Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi Redmi 7 has given us our new £ 7, which comes with a price of € 139, and which promises to bring war into the middle sector.

This is a smartphone with the Qualccomm Snapdragon 632 processor. This process enables the device to run properly, as we have verified the authenticity of the device in other devices.

Redmi has never been known for the same thing, great good price, but the Redmi 7 is even better. We need to look at its screen 6.26-inch resolution, to understand that Xiaomi did not stop benefits, always within the region, but at anyone's height.

The same thing happens with the cameras, which have two to twelve MPs in this case in the background, which includes Arctic Understanding to help us develop. picture. The front camera is 8 mega pixels.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 has a 4000 mAh battery which allows it to take up to 400 hours with the makers. If you understand that we have not spoken at any time about memory or storage ability, this is because there are different versions:

  • The version of 3GB + 32GB is available in Spain for € 159.
  • The 2GB + 16GB version can be purchased at a cost of € 139.
  • 3GB + 64GB, available for purchase of € 179

Each of them will arrive at a different date, specifically, a version of 3 + 32, next April 4. The version of 2 + 16, available from April 15, and finally, on 26 April, will be reviewed. of 3 + 64GB.

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