Venus is related to the mouth of the day


Majid Abu Zahra, president of the Regimental Society of Jeddah, confirmed the Arab sphere of the Arabians will rise Monday 18 February 2019 As a result of Venus and Saturn's plan, in a complex case, one step to the east side in the sight of the tormental eye in a clear clear case Post-

Venus and Saturn are in front of the Sagittarius belief, and can be seen together in the low power telescope vision or through the keyboard telescope.

Venus is more pronounced than Saturn. Venus is about 80 times more clearer than Saturn, and to see the finals of the last ones the telescope must be used.

The two plans appear closer in the sky because they have the same visual insight from Earth but they are not in a place. The sale is a & # 39; moving in an orbit between Earth and Sun, and Saturn moves behind Earth. The planetary sixth in the distance from the sun.

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