Venus lost much money as a result of a pay fraud


Employers were reported to have been serious enough to complete and complete PayPal's dentist online to lose analysis estimates. They would also know that they would disturb the measures that were used to control fraud. Exec Ben Mills said he was "pissed" that Venus "hurt our customers" to control fraud, according to one email.

PayPal recommends a slightly different story in the population. Said spokesman WSJ that the increase in losing was coming from a & # 39; introducing new features to Venmo in that quarter, and the pay group loss levels were below 0.35 per cent for a quarter. They have fallen since then and are "below the overall average" for PayPal, the spokesperson added.

If the gutting is accurate, however, it reflects the challenges that it faces; come to Venus. Although its company may be in line with mobile payments for some, it is also expensive for PayPal. Venus is not costing for her & # 39; Most of the things and just recently started to cut off to move away. If she has a long-term healthy income, he may need to keep track of fraud and find more ways of generating money.

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