VERIFY: Yes, the seasonal drop is real and can affect your life


As cold and cold weather continues to be & # 39; covering many of the United States, articles and newspapers are becoming increasingly "Seasonal Deficit" or "The Winter Blues."

The VERIFY team has joined these requests and found that the seasonal drop is true, there are some challengers and a more official name.


Is seasonal debts or seasonal debts (SAD) true?


Although there are intellectual challenges in relation to the SAD concept, most organizations and experts have a " continue to give him a real situation. It is recognized by national mental health organizations such as the National Institute for Mental Health and the American Society of Psychology and Insurance companies.


Seasonal Prohibition or SAD Reconciliation, defined by the American Societal Society as "a type of severe heavy that lasts for a season, usually monthly, and " go over the rest of the year. "

Symbols generally engage in depression and their symptoms. including tiredness, seriously saddened, mentally ill, sleeping or sleeping, seeking seals, increasing stress, disappointing feelings or despair and self-kill thoughts.

Surveys have been carried out in the last few years that have been sending a SAD question. One of them was titled "Major Depression With Seasonal Variance: A It It Valid Construct?" Released in 2016. It is not an application that is not SAD true, but it says that it is "not supported by essential data."

"Does not include bad during the winter but there is no evidence that a man is sad because of his / her winter," the study reads.

But SAD has received support from many other studies. It is also recognized by the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Society of Sociology.

To make this clear, the VERIFY team spoke to Dr Norman Rosenthal.

He is a public psychologist and spokesman, who is currently a Clinical Professor of Psychiatrist at Georgetown University Medical School. He is also the man who referred to him and is known as a seasonal accidental disorder.

"You should just think of it as a spectrum of human beings," explained Dr. Rosenthal. "Some of them get tough but in the winter, some of them get a bad winter on winter and some people just get some winter moves."

Dr. Rosenthal does not have any SAD who is suffering from trouble but they have encouraged everyone to be in a position; self-evaluation and seek treatment when appropriate.

"It's up to how bad you are off. If you are completely disabled, you can not go into work, your relationships are suffering, the world is ; feeling it's not useful, then it would be better off to do it with the doctor, "he said. "If yes, just on the other hand, you're just down or down under the weather or you're not, but you're not tough, self-conscious or disabled, you may have a lot to do for yourself. "

Rosenthal wrote a book entitled "Winter Blues" to explain how he will treat remedies outside the hospital. These include light light, and & # 39; use and more.

Although he stressed there are times for people to develop their situation outside the hospital, he said that it is important that people seek professional help when things are not going to happen; get better.

"If you're feeling down in the dark harsh days, there are many things you can do. Recognize the problem, notice that many people get it so you're not alone," he said. "Some people may have medications. I often do not do the first thing, but some people can get cure and do not want to let a message If people respond to light provision, or need more light light, they have no SAD or are not going to answer something else , I'm open for medication. "

The facts

There is a scientific debate about seasonal accidental disorder.

Key Institutes such as the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Society of Psychology recognize that it is a real state.

Data showing increases in depression during specific months.

These facts are confirmed.

It is also important that healing is important.

The American Sociological Society says they are SAD's fighting, and & # 39; get as many daylight as possible, to get the # 39; stay active and do not show you. If none of them work – get professional help.

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