Versailles confirmed a new definition of kilogram


The kilogram unit was defined by 1889 with a platinum and iridium piece, which is held on the outskirts of Paris. All large units come from this type. i. International prototype stands – from microgramgram of medication, apples of apples, to a ton of a compound. The problem is that this prototype does not always have the same pressure. Although it is under three glass wagons, dust and dirt are collected, and the atmosphere has a bearing. Sometimes they must even wash them.

Today, the definition defined is based on the constant value of Phackack, which is capable of measuring the correct measurement of the item by a Kibble device, using a directly measured electromagnetic force.

To date, lower sizes were measured by large, very difficult sharing, John Robinson explained from the National Institute of British Physics. "The new approach allows us to measure the mass just on any scale that we want, and this is a big step forward," he said.

Today, the definitions of three other units from the international system of units, ie amps, kelvin and whit, are also used to current electricity, temperature and variety of materials be measured. The new definitions of these units will be based on specific numerical values ​​of basic taxes, Boltzmann constants, and Avogadro accounts.

The amendment to the definitions was also helped by Slovenia, represented by the director of the Samo Kopač Medical Institute in Versailles.

In the end, a second, a meter, and a candle were refined. So, the seven units from the international system will be defined by natural accounts and not by physical features. No quotation with new explanations that will be achieved on 20 May, 2019 will change.

Although the second one in 1967 set out the promotion of worldwide-wide communication through the GPS system, the four new definitions would affect science, trade, health and environment, write them to a & n; International Bureau.

According to the Slovene Linguistics Institute, a large number of measurements are needed in today's world. For example, all parts of the telephone, memory, speed, microphone or camera device are plugged into the infrastructure of materials, tools and measurement processes. They are based on positive scientific principles that ensure that we are able to reliably make calls, send messages, access the internet and use a sailing.

They will also try to remind people of the importance of daily living in a daily display with 22 posters on Dam Dam Dam in Ljubljana, which will be presented between 10 December, 2018 and 15 January 2019, the office.

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