Very bad news for Ronaldinho


With a bankless account of a bank in Brazil, his former star of Barcelona and PSG saw his home home; attacking some of the bad attacks.
It has been reported that Ronaldinho was only sixteen in his bank account. The dislikation appears to have continued for the idol; formerly of FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain and saw his brother's home in Porto Alegre attacking Wednesday with his Office. Justice and Environmental Protection.
The Advocate has three preserved luxury cars and artwork, painting, compared to Ronaldinho and his unpaid brother. For work carried out in a protected area, they were sentenced to sentence in 2007. The sentence was proven on appeal and Ronaldinho then, with an interest, nearly two million euros to his country's Justice .
If it's hard to think that the 2002 world championship has already been ruined, just three years after its Flamengo Brazilian position, Brazilian justice has been in a position. trying to confront the opposition. Ronaldinho, who was always as comfortable when he came to dribbling, would not worry about financial liabilities and he would not be particularly interested. avoid this famous fine.
Training at the Gremio, the midfielder party party has hosted many clubs, especially in Europe, with more than a few sections in Paris, Barcelona but also with AC Milan. He won the Golden Ball in 2005 and the European League next year with Blaugrana.

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