Very Heavy Light Sygic is now the cheapest in history!



It's not just a physical appearance that is a practical Christmas gift. You can provide familiar, family and subtitled submissions to music types or VoD or reliable navigation to your travel. Especially the Slavic Pacific is currently.

Sygic has decided to buy license prices with life updates up to 80 per cent. Preparation is also prepared for active users of paid permissions. There are only temporary benefits but created during "Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday" trips.

For example, the whole map of Europe maybe with you 9.99 EUR. If you order it with additional features – long-term traffic information, you'll be able to. live 13.99 EUR. The whole world right now 19.99 EUR compared to the original ones 99.99 EUR.

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If you already have permission and you were hunting there was nothing, without fear. You can buy a life permit for an item Chief Executive Exhibition. News no dashcam to record traffic settings. All of the features are worthwhile reduced to EUR 2.99.

Sygic sailing

Allows are accessible to everyone and easily. Just download Sygic from an app store for the iOS mobile platforms that you use (TU) and Android (TU). After opening, open the sidebar boxes and go to Sygic Store, where you can see all the flashes you can see. Depending on the information in the application they will Another 7 days.

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