Very rare fact … A club is 20 – 0 lost and the team that is a handle the team and other play


Italian football authorities published Monday that Pro Bicenza, a third-party, was released after just seven players had been opposed to Cunio, finishing with a 0- 0.

A club has financial difficulties, located in northern Italy, which stops it from being able to do it. pays the salaries of his players and members of the teachers, who were beaten for weeks because they had not paid their fees.

Before Sunday's game, Cione, Pro Piacenza, who has been in the third place, has drawn out of three games and the danger that they will be removed from the league if they miss the fourth game.

To avoid this, the club paid a selection of seven young players born between 2000 and 2002. The eighth player could not; start a game to forget his identity papers and he went with his companions after about an hour.

His club was named as one of the 2000 born player as a coach in the & # 39; that game, and the physical developer had to enter the park as a place for a player who suffered wild cramps through the game.

Gabrielle Grafina, president of the Italian Football Federation, said the game was "funny in sport" and promised to be the "last competition". there.

Liga Pro's third division in Italy took Monday Pro Piacenza from the competition and officially lost 3-0.

The company criticized "Pro Piacenza" inappropriate behavior, saying he was willing to speak players who were not physically ready to take part in a game. The curator, Alessio Piccelli, was suspended until 31st December, 2019.

The society sent a fine of 20,000 euros on its club.

He is the third appointee in Italy in Italy, but many of her 20 clubs have financial difficulties.

Last week, ASM decided to withdraw Matera behind a game strike strike with players from December as it was not paid since September.


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