Vettel expects Ferrari better in Bahrain A-NIS


Sebastian Vettel to Bahrain with confidence for a second race of Formula 1 season. Germany hopes Ferrari will do better than Australia in a fortnight.

"We have reasons to believe we will be stronger here," said Vettel Port Motor. "But I don't want to keep a number on it in terms of fruit."

In a opening opening ceremony in Melbourne, Ferrari failed to get a podium. Vettel came fourth with more than a minute ago with the winner of Valtteri Bottas, player Charles Leclerc defeated fifth.

"Mercedes was quicker than we had expected. If you send it along with the truth that we were less competitive than we expected, then you have an explanation for the big bill," the four-world globe champion described ". winning the last two races in Bahrain.

"Not many complained about a winter experiment"

Germany at 31 has started the fifth Ferrari season, but he has never been able to get the world title by the Italian team. In the Barcelona winter exams, it seemed that the best car of the Scuderia had been, but in Melbourne Ferrari couldn't do the best job.

“During the winter auditions I got the car really good and I felt very comfortable. There was little complaint about it. But in Australia there was nothing left of it, "Vettel agreed.

Vettel suggested that the team have now found out what they had done to their Australian disappointment, but they also say that this is no guarantee of a race for Bahrain.

“We have some answers to the questions we received in the Australian race, but we will no longer be in Australia this year. So we don't know if the answers are correct in this year. "

Vettel didn't want to make the start of the season. "After each race there are a few lessons, for example about the situation for each visit."

Vettel is giving a starling blow to the red high Bull

Vettel rejected a claim by Red Bull Professor Helmut Marko. Austria said this week Ferrari was badly affected by a cold spell.

"It's about how you compare the car with that of other teams. But I don't think the differences differ in competition."

Vettel couldn't send a small crush in Marko's instructions. “On the Australian return trip we were already laughing at the time of the repetition. Helmut was sleeping at that time, so I don't know where he did the survey. "

Vettel and his colleagues arrive on Friday for the first time at 12:00 and 4:00 pm for training in Bahrain. There is also a training session on Saturday at 1pm followed by the 4pm certificate. The race starts on Sunday at 5.10 p.m.

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