Vettel has stirred up why he misses Räikkönen! – F1VILAG.HU


The world's fourth witch, Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel, gave a fun response to the question of what Kimi Räikkönen would have lost.

Finnish Champion leaving Ferrari after this season, replaced by Charles Leclerc young.

Prime Phrix Abu Dhabi on Thursday news conference They also asked if he would take away Räikkönen or what he lost.

"The disaster," said German co-rival, and went to the conversation with Räikkönen beside him, "The brief meetings on my behalf!"

"Indeed," said Vettel.

Follow the humorous conversation of the heroes, Räikkönen asked what she liked in Sauber next year.

"Did not you say you're looking forward to the reporter?" Asked Vettel.

"Yes, I also have a home. I ask them to spend no money, because I also have a home," continued in Räikkönen.

Max Verstappen also came to the conversation: "So will you do the job based on Friday, and the first training session?"

"Yes, it's easy. Take your calm. A person will be good, and it's okay," said Räikkönen.

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