VFF is saying that tickets will be delivered through the Vietnam-Cambodia network


Vietnam's Football Association (VFF) has announced selling tickets for the game between Vietnam and Cambodia to be held in the AFF Cup 2018 on November 24th.

VFF is saying that tickets will be delivered through the Vietnam-Cambodia network

Following as uncomfortable from the sale of traditional football tickets, the Vietnamese Football Association has decided to stop ticket sales through official lines and sell it directly to the # 39; Counting and selling online tickets.

VFF tells how tickets are delivered through the Battle of Vietnam-Cambodia Network
Tickets vs. Cambodia will be sold online to fans.

So, except for tickets and tickets sold only 11-11 in My Dinh, the Vietnam Football Association will still be held around 13 thousand tickets by online booking in the days ahead.

On the way to get tickets online, VFF is keen to upload tickets to followers by post or pick up tickets at the VFF headquarters two days before the game.

A definition that only two thirds of the tickets are made compared to the # 39; The biggest leader in Hang Do's garden, secretary VFF Le Hoai Anh said: "This is essential to ensure safety and security at Hang Dieu court, avoid too many fans and # 39; it may work very negatively.

The police adopted the security plan with the Cambodian side and it was the responsibility. We can not tell us, but we're saying that the listeners need to go through the gateway and scanner to ensure they do not; carrying dangerous things and harming others.

In addition, the stream organization needs to be reconfigured so that the audiences can set faster faster, avoiding unnecessary pressure on a particular place, "said Mr Le Hoai Anh.


The game between Vietnam and Cambodia will take place on the 24/11 afternoon. If opponents hit Cambodia with a heavy skip, Vietnam Phone is sure that this is the first one in the # 39; semi-final record.


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