VFF said fans still have tickets on My Dinh Stadium


After the Vietnam-Malaysia battle, many people were shocked to attend the images, a video "the" line to My Dinh stadium to tickets.

Regarding this event, the VFF issued a statement saying: "There have been articles and briefs with clips, images of the importance of some security forces staff to help people not. Tickets in garden to see the game.

Image of 201 A 201 2018: VFF still talks about the irresponsible support of fans in the playground

Many fans have been retained by security guardians to "safeguard" the surgery without tickets. (Picture: Kenh14)

Prior to this, the VFF directors noted them and asked the relevant sub-committees to carry out an investigation and to collect relevant information and to work with the appropriate co-ordination units to review and report. special.

VFF directors' views do not go wrong with misbehavior, and they do not. Coordination with the coordination units to deal with the conflict.

Talk to Newspaper LaborGeneral Secretary VFF Le Hoai Anh said the VFF needed to work with security companies to deal with this issue. Penalties who have been involved in the line must be punished.

Image of 2018 AFF Approximation: VFF still speaks of the inconsistent support of fans in the US 2

Many fans carry through the narrow gate to My Dinh stadium to tickets to go to; Watch Vietnam vs. Malaysia game. (Picture: Sport5.vn)

Mr Le Hoai Anh said the VFF would work with partners to be able to propose sanctions according to what is set out in the contract. That is the cause of an urgent public opinion and should be treated seriously.

Previously, according to its newspaper Righteousness, Tickets from some security personnel did not need to be found by the media on November 16.

Image of 201 A 201 2018: VFF talks about the inconsistent support of fans who are still present

Mr Le Hoai Anh promised to work with KTC to solve this situation in detail.

So, many supporters were protected by security guardians, who did not need tickets. These supporters need to pay some money, and it is anticipated that it is much lower than its original purchase price.

The line runs through many doors and followers follow this route; pay "new money, real grain" through each door. To say more, this has happened many years in Vietnam's international games.

Trang Vu (Synthesis)

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