VFF sells only 13,000 online tickets


Only 13,000 Vietnamese vs. Cambodia tickets were sold. Video: Ted Tran

Following the challenges of ticket sales in Vietnam – Malaysia, the Vietnamese Football Association has made a major asset to make major changes. According to Vef Secretary General Le Hoai Anh, all tickets that have not been distributed between Vietnam and Cambodia at Hang Diem Park on November 24 will be sold online.

But the fans kept the news "unhappy" when the VFF decided to give 13,000 tickets as a whole (including tickets), just two thirds of the most height in the Hang Dieu stop (20,000 sets).

This definition, Mr Hoai Anh said: "SWhen we look closely, we do not. Exit only 13,000 tickets despite the Hang Diem record with a capacity of 18-20,000 seats. This is essential to ensure safety and security at the Hang Do garden, if there are too many fans and if there is possibly a negative action.

In terms of disobedience, VFF made a sudden decision on Vietnam-Cambodia ticket distribution - Picture 2.

Secretary General Le Hoai Anh is shared by Kenh14.vn and Sport5.vn.

This may be necessary because in the previous division, Le Hoai Anh introduced that every fan in a big game was difficult to control. In addition, security work at a garden garden must be developed compared to the # 39; previous game.

"The security plan with Cambodia is in the care of the police, and we can not spread it, but we realize that the spectators need to go through the gateway and the scanner range. do not carry dangerous things and harm others. In addition, stream organization also needs to be reconciled so that the seat audiences get faster, unnecessary emphasis on a particular place, "said Hoai Anh.

On the way to get tickets when they buy online, VFF also has a & # 39; promises to transfer tickets to fans in mail Select the ticket at the Federation's headquarters for two days before the game.

Previously, on November 11 at My Dinh Stadium, a small number of tickets for purchasing tickets was given priority to buy a pair of tickets to Vietnam vs Cambodia on November 24th. According to estimates of Sport5, the number of Vietnam vs Cambodia tickets sold only to 11/1 fans around 1,500 tickets.

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