VFF sells tickets to meet Cambodia at the 2018 AFF Cup


Recently, Vietnam Secretary of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) Le Hoai Anh said the Vietnam ticket to Cambodia in Cambodia AFF Cup 2018 without being sold in the traditional ticket mode at ticket points is converted to online forms via online tickets.

This definition, the General Director of VFF, after careful consideration, BLLBVN decided to provide 13,000 tickets for the Vietnam Phone game AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 with Cambodia on Hang Dieu Stadium, although the stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people.

What is the VFF in Cambodia in Cambodia at the 2018 AFF Cup?

According to Hoai Anh, and distributing such tickets to ensure security to & # 39; garden, avoiding sick followers and negative situations such as the game with Malaysia. AFF Cup Long ago.

Hoai Anh also said that the conversion of traditional sales tickets to a crucial line of VFF's move to the general NHM leases of the country.

VFF, how big is Cambodia in the Cambodia Cup AFF 2018? -Inhinh-2

On the way to buy tickets online, VFF was also committed to moving the tickets to NHM with a job in 12 areas of Hanoi or for building tickets at headquarters; Alliance 2 days before the event. Match.

The office said it was difficult to control all fans at a football match. In addition, the security in the Vietnam game to Cambodia will also be developed the other games to stop its & # 39; case.

VFF for online tickets to be paid for their first AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 game – Source; VFF Channel

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