VFF sells Vietnam online tickets – Cambodia


Vietnamese leader of the Vietnam Football Federation confirmed that Vietnam's Vietnam VFF ticket was a battle – Cambodia was not online right.

VFF sells Vietnam online tickets – Cambodia

In the morning on November 22, representatives from the Vietnam Football Federation told the media about the information that goes on to Vietnam ticket sales – Cambodia is not online right.

VFF sells online tickets from Vietnam - Cambodia pictures
Tickets for the Vietnam-Cambodia battle at Hang Dao were sold out an earlier week

In fact, all these tickets (around 15,000 tickets) were sold at the same time as sales of Vietnam tickets to Malaysia more than a week ago. Answering why VFF is a & # 39; Just a few tickets compared to Hang Dat's case capacity (including 20,000 sets), VFF Nguyen Minh Chau General Secretary General said: VFF tickets are in the four sets A, B, C, D Hang Dieu garden.

However, the seats B, C, D seats do not, seats have only an envelope but there are no seats. In addition, on the second floor of level B, Hang Dao was also stopped as a large restaurant to prevent it from being installed.

Why is Hang Diem the place to keep its game, and because of it? Mininium, Culture, Sport and Tourism has been on the spot. "Stop at My Dinh" for the National Sports Festival opening ceremony on Thursday 25/11. As a result, the game between Vietnam and Cambodia had to move to Hang Diem who had no smaller potential.

This game will be held at 19h30pm 24/11. If 3 points have won the difference between "3-4", the Hang Coach Parks team will definitely ensure that you reach the top of AFF Cup this year.


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