VI Sid Meier Settlement: Storm Shape – Review


Gathering Storm is the second time of Civilization VI – and maybe it's ready – expanding, and it confirms its place; This way in history with a new tour of interesting systems that we have never seen in the Civ game. Things such as natural accidents and diplomatic objections can give us enough to; considering everything, and Firaxis will support leaders of other directors and other content; overlooks the fully-tight 4X strategic game.

Between Gathering Storm and the previous extension, Rise and Fall, the list of existing directors has grown to a large castle of 45 – or 46, if you count the Eleanor de Aquitaine's ability to to & # 39; guide English or French and give them their loyalty – ability to snapping as two. (That's going out of the Civ V final of 43, if you're watching it.) Sean Bean has to say that statement, and a & # 39; play a full campaign because each of them would be a big job.

Most of the new chairs and directors are more likely and attractive: Suleiman nan Ottomans is a unique ruler, Matthias Corvinus of Hungary can take arms to a powerful army, Dido na Phoenicians can move his home Nearly, and Kristina de Sweenich automatically incorporates her Big Works. It seems that a couple are too special for practicing if you do not play a particular situation: Wilfrid Laurier Canada, for example, is great if you happen to. Starting at the north or south of the map, but its ability to build farms on a tundra it is out of its element in the tropics. Musa Mansa in Mali is like its shores if deserted shelves in cities have not followed its merchants for extra gold, and Pachacuti from the Inca does not have meadows want to & # 39; made out like a fish out of water.

For my first game, I played (on King's problem) as Kupe of the Maori, who will Starting the lock with locking technology – which is good only that you need to spend a few capacities; look for a dry land, which can be placed behind your package. The Maori can not always collect resources and can not employ large writers, which are important constraints. However, they get the main produce bonus for unwanted woodlands and rainforests, and to fishing boats, capable of doing the developed country; look very different from any other civilization. It was a distinctive set of priorities.

Accidents show an important part of the genuine world to Civ VI.

But it is the form of a Storm feature in natural disasters. These are good, never seen before (if you do not count Civ IV Accident events); adds only to storms and droughts that are not so detrimental as a whole, they are telegraphed enough that they do not feel they are; Come out on the left field to get full Pompeii for you. At the same time, there are many important events that areas of the map would be locked effectively and on devolution now become problems that need to be considered about solutions again. Floods and volcanic brushes are not present on river banks and large volcanoes, obviously, and so you know what you are doing; get in when you build a big city there. And even when disasters hit and leave a rod of your land's improvements in ruins, the continuous result Increasing fertility, which will help you get back quickly even though some of your people will be deleted. In addition, mid-game technologies allow you to ban on floods with dams, and & # 39; gives you benefits of fertility to any of the destructive problems.

I enjoy getting & # 39; Accidents in play, because not only do they contribute to the diversity of games but they are plays an important part of the genuine world of Civ VI that has been lost clearly throughout the past. But if you do not care for that element of random in your 4X strategy, accidents can be turned off (or cranked up) with a slide on a configuration screen; game.

The new system for Climate Change is related to disasters as it increases the use of storms and floods as part of the major effects of the storm; to burn a lot of coal and oil to empower your city's factories, to help you to increase short-term benefits against your long-term cost . But the element that changes its game – and something completely new for Civilization is a series – how is rising temperature, and # 39; Starting leaking and rising sea levels, causing all sea tiles to go to Atlantis. Again, this is not something that will happen suddenly and removes you in a non-balanced way, because at the start of a game you will see what the slabs are going to do; flow in this order and a new climate information screen is just what's happening. Indeed, as many things in Civilization, it's a bit rude and unusual to play as a tribal nation with a club champion and still a precise sense of what slabs do; You could flood a few thousand years later. (It is also worried that flooding plates appear as bone and in flames so that they are completely inserted, which does not respond to what's & # 39; happening.)

Losing at least some slabs to sea levels will rise but can not be avoided.

High-level players can try to win a way without winning them; influencing Climate Change, but for most, I expect to prevent at least some of the slabs but can not be avoided. The only protection against technology is up enough enough to solve urban urban developments that make it possible; protect flood land before it is possible, and be able to build the carbon recovery project sometimes to reduce your emissions so that you can change to wind and wind enhancement. So it is fortunate that the same thing that loses some slabs from the cities is not at all; The coast is as disastrous as I would expect – again, you know what slabs that flood all levels of sea level rise, and you may not have a & # 39; going to build areas or wonders if there is no good contamination. In total, this new system will surely give you more difficult problems to & # 39; reflecting and solving during the history of Business, Modern and Atomic.

Climate Change is usually driven by burning fossil coal fuel and oil for power, and in the Gathering Storm these facilities – along with horses, iron, niter, aluminum, and uranium – Now available materials that can be harvested on a basis and can be stored and sold as just money. It is a system that is far more aggressive and more than our previous, and it means that while you are suddenly overwhelmed, lose access to your own source in an amazing attack (which includes your reservation) you can still get maidens to attack you before you're completely out.

Diplomacy is the bigger system that has been greatly improved, and although it is not fully built up, some may hope (just waiting for Civ VII) And somewhat uncomfortable with two new unusual pages. The main example of the complaints system, which gives rise to warmth and its position; Last count on how angry and someone is going to crimes offenses such as promise; an attack without being persuaded or not; Finding cities close to their land. You can change your settings at any time. Continue to adjust your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Accessibility Help Guide to Parents Contact the BBC Copyright © 2015 BBC. The AI ​​can still be as tight as illegal behavior as it has ever been, but at least now there is a sense of accountability.

Then the Victory Diploma has been redesigned again, which begins to be very promising: there is money now – Optional Diploma – that's the case. represents the good faith gained by making a strong civilization firm and can be traded in a place of goods or money. It is largely generated by controlling state-owned cities, make up Suzerain's status and achieve the goals they make; promise that is more spectacular, or by keeping your neighbors' promises.

After the beginning of the Medieval Age, Diplomatic Favor can be spent to influence the main events of meetings of the new World Congress, where it can be used to buy the result of a vote in auction effectively. If yes, yes, you wanted to block oil felling (there are very few ways that you have to stop another catalyst from contamination) that you may take points to build oil energy space build very expensive. No, at an emergency session, you could vote to make the whole world fight against civilization that has influenced one of your marriages and then compete until it is as one to save her for an award. (The AI ​​is still not excellent in giving priority to these initiatives, but I've been trying to make a half-hearted attempt at all).

The Diplomatic Doctor's situation may take longer than any other way to win.

The problem is, how useful Diplomatic Favorites are, the opportunities are spent on a real situation; very rare win. If you do not get every opportunity to get Diplomatic Points, the diplomatic Doctor's state may be more than winning any other way.

You have to win 10 points, and these points can be won almost exclusively through World Congress once every 30 hours after the Age of Middle Ages. You can only earn two at one time, often out there where you can give an additional point by performing other goals, but this did not happen once I was a & # 39; play at all. That means that you are enthusiastic about 120 feet after and # 39; first meeting – again, and accept that you are going to. win every vote. I lost out the first two points, which was the # mean that my game has played 30 simple, non-simple games that are longer than it should – which is a way to end any civilization tour. During this time I sat on a diploma chart. You were four times as big as all other civilizations, but I could not trade with them because it would just do it; Give them the ways I could delete half for the next points.

I've almost missed Science Victory who was a long while & # 39; I was waiting, but at least I used the time to try to restore the Giant Death Death, which is now an incredibly powerful and terrible incentive at the top of the tech tree that is fair just with the unusual hunger for uranium.

And, in fact, tons of new features and improvements that come from being able to build new developments such as canals (which include the surprising Panama Canal) that allow ships to pass over land and tunnels that allow units to go through mountains, ski centers and water parks (entertaining areas effectively built on a waterproof), a new set of financial governments with additional policy criteria, many new units, new wonders and natural wonders, and so many new competitions and finishing that I have to leave to give them a list.

Outside its standard mapped alphabetically, a pair of new settings are based around WWI and The Black Death. And, on the face of a multiplayer, an exciting new feature with Play By Cloud where Steam will spread and will let you know when it's ready to turn off after your opponents have been played and played on time . (I still think that a saved City game was too long to upload, even on SSD, play one row and then drop off a bit hundred, but I value the option).

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