Viator & Vektor: Pavček and co-defendants are cheap


It was marked entirely in the case of Viator & Vektor, a & # 39; formerly called the convener of the former Viator & Vektor Logistics Petar Pavec and his father, who was chairman of the Viator & Vektor Zdenka Pavcka group, was abolishing them in relation to allegations of impairment of power and help in this crime.

Former Prosecutor Matej Oštir praised Petra Pavčka's former petitioner for two and a half years and a year imprisoned for the vice chairman of Viator & Vektor Zdenka Pavček Group.

Zdenko Pavček

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Pavček refused the allegations of Viator & Vektor Logistics damage



The complainant complained to Petar Pavčku that he committed an offense of serious situation or trust when he gave up the decision to overshadow Roman subsidiary to Izletnik Celje as convener at the end of his & # 39; May 2011. Before the breakdown, Viator & Vektor Logistics made a huge strengthen on the truck naval in Romania, leaving nearly 50 trucks to Viator & Vektor Ro. His father, Zdenko Pavček, complained about the impact of power.

Deputy President of Viator & Vektor Zdenko Pavček Board of Directors.

Deputy President of Viator & Vektor Zdenko Pavček Board of Directors.
Photograph: Matej Leskovšek


Viator & Vektor's production facilities: Rotis was the first person enough for a children's car

In addition to Zdenka Pavčka, the former director of Viator & Vektor Logistika Bojan Novak and the Head of Excursion Celje Darko Šafarič also was the responsibility of the crime of office abuse. The procurator Šafarič praised a year and a half of the prison for crime crime, and for Novak for half a year. Among the defendants is a & # 39; Izletnik company, and the complainant suggested that his legal entity, Nomago, should be ordered to pay 100,000 euro in taxes.

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This time is not interested in the Viator & Vektor complex on the Mission

The defendants were repeatedly rejected again on the pre-exam hearing and at their main hearing for the crimes that were taken, whoever gets a beneficial benefit. The trial started for crimes that were raised in December last year with a pre-test hearing in Ljubljana.

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