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Millinl was also present in the nmet fvros when they arrived in 2014. The big day was a big victory. The attendant was very hard on the bench at the Brandenburg Gate. The keen nip involves, and they were tearing in his chips.

This is all around 2014.

In the spring of 2019, those who could not be measured were counted for the shelter that many of them put on their wings.

In Nmetorszg, Joachim Lw, captain Swiethi, still manages the rally. The “2014” by Thomas Mller of Jerome Boateng's Mats Hummels is still very lively today. The first day of the old hare came up and they went up to the people in Mchen to get rid of it. We couldn't see it in the vlog.

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in the heart, it is impossible. As the Kazan name comes up with these faces this would have been reasonable. It is not enough. If the crew had been killed by a crew, it would have been fantastic to explain it, and everyone would be say that now there is a chapter on the game of football and the crook in football. . You have to play it. They would have had a painting and a gigger of gigrettes, and they would have been lucky for the jvt.

Left Jerome Boateng, Thomas Mller of Mats Hummels. Joachim Lw wroteForr: AFP / Kirill Kudryavtsev

He could not remember it. Joachim made the Three Nations laugh with the League of Nations. It's a lively thing. For the mg before the VB failed, he told him that he would use the series which was let out to xrletezs.• the Russian royal army was afraid of the worst defeat. Even before the tournament began, many people won't die in the same time as Konfdercis Kupt wins a team in Russia, but at that time it was hiding for 2014 hsk bevlogatsa against rsikert t elr. m with the important people who fell in the League of Nations that were an error. But those who died at the fourth verse in the fourth heaven have died dead.

Thomas Mller plyafutsa had a profound influence in Brazil but, of course, there was only 25s there. It is said that everyone is supposed to be the rumor when Klose put out the man in the old man, who said then a tonne is: the author is rvid only. T The majority of Thomas Mller's kilkbjnnl holds the composition of a kilkbjnnl. There, Mller will do the same thing he did in Brazil, and this will be in the future.Nobody thought there would be a meeting again for the year 2014. Vilghr training (Pep Guardiola) caused training loss of msik vilghr (Louis van Gaal) which he would receive through. And fortunately. When the young people were always fond of the Sabenerstrasse which was spoiled in Holland, he got out about the Mller (then privacy) at that time. He gave him the opportunity to play in the games up the hill, and he didn't lose the competition. In private, the vg season could not only be a member of Vb's framework, but also vb-glkirly.He was lucky enough to be just that, a career driver led by a young ropper than young driver Sandro Wagner was just as good in the starter games as Mller did not play, t competition in the affirmative with Bayern showing the nyron score score. Ribery, Toni-Klose-tmadgpezetet. and they couldn't leave Ottmar Hitzfeld, and Wagner had no chance. However, Mllernl did nothing wrong.

People Joachim Lw before the 2018 competitionFor: AFP / –

Hummels, nine days old Mummernl, was also in the big gateway at Bayernnl, m. This can happen, as there is a risk of us putting great pressure on the team, and it is difficult for me to do.To do this, Jrgen Klopp level, bevllals trner, must be solved.Hummels can do this by running up, scooter BL-Dotted and warrior. Thus, not only was his faith, and the skies, but also his mouth. Mr Vilgbajnoksgon also criticized captain Svetsk, and it's not a great thing if we know that a tetrnelme de nmet is full of big people, ntrvny, without control. Hummels did not lock the courtyard, and the corner didn't have a stroke in his club. He also gave a great voice. The mare was left behind in Mller Boateng. This may or may not be true, but it is necessary: ​​all fields need more precision in Bayern. Much of the lore flora at Boateng has good corporate benefits.

Prior to the 2018 competition, all spies became availableForr: AFP / Odd Andersen

The chrome came to a light. Bayern's chromium work in the center of the raft said the character Niklas Slt said there would only be one place in the team if he was tired. Like Mller, bnik Kovac, usually the seventh place in the MADG. Has the 30-year-old 30 Boateng s Hummels and Thomas Mller grown? Or was it out?

At this age, mg is not removed by a retreat. A lonely club in the rhythm of rhythm, in Nmetorszg, a country with a heavy football culture. The two choral football players can reach a maximum of 3-4 pounds, and Florida, California, the Arab Blob or the Twilight East can hold more two-acre. You may search for a little more pnzt mg (if not available) and you can also make smaller or more detailed sporting achievements.

It has been found that mllernl 100, Boatengnl 76, Hummelsnl 70, was not appropriate. In sport, the success of a rush doesn't give you anything else. Anyone who is bad today is today! Let's Go to Nationalelfnl. Jn is the E-scrapie, the Hummels, Boateng s Mller nlkl. Notebooks are suffering and public Nmetorszg cannot kill a team that he does not pass through professional retoric, stripeus and fear.

Team L p j pt. If there is left over cheese on the hip. But, as the retoric used in the Hungarian Army also refers to a point, the age is not directly, just part to play by Boateng, Mller, Kroos, zil, in t In this case, Schrrle, Gtze, or ppen Hummels, may be found in Yvv, Werner, San, Rdiger, Goretzka, Kehrer or Tah.

Joachim Lw, captain of the nmet. You have a problem with elgForr: Sputnik / Alexey Filippov

"2019 the jrakezds will be like the nm," said Lw. A natural president, Reinhard Grindel is a man.

dvzlm Lw stop. After the start of the 2020 Eurpa team team, the framework will change blindly. "

Megtrtnt. rdemei elismerse, the chromium vtized was seen. Sorry, the jv is proof of Captain. Indeed, the success of those who have been sent cannot be removed by Jerome Boatengtl or Thomas Mllertl's Mats Hummelstl.

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