Victims of music: these are the winners of this 34th edition


The complete list

– Female artist: Jeanne added
– Male artist: Bigflo & Oli
– Exhibition book: "Brol", by Angèle
– Presentation of the show: Clara Luciani
– Book of songs: "In Upstream", Alain Bashung
– Rock Album: "Radiate" by Jeanne Added
– A book of urban music: "Bigflo & Oli's dream life"
– Rap album: "Lithopédion" by Damso
– Book of the world's music: "LOST", Camellia Jordana
– Electricity Album: "Dancehall" by The Blaze
– Original song: "I think you're also" from Boulevard des Airs
– Music Presentation / Tour / Concert: Orelsan
– Sound sound creation: Angéle "All forgetting"

00:32: the end of the Victoires de la Musique, November 2019. The beauty of all!

00:30: Victory of the Original Song goes to Boulevard des airs.

00: 19: for the album album: Angela. This is the second impact.

00:08: and a man second influenced by Big Flo & Oli's brothers, one of the male actors a year.

The two, who prefer Eddy De Pretto and Etienne Daho, won a prize to win the Victoire in the "Urban Music" section. With the prize they received last year for their hit damaged, the two Toulouse skins have three prizes to the three recordings.

Midnight: They win the Victoire du Concert!

23 a-46: Artair H and Izia sing in memory of their father Jacques Higelin, who died in April 2018.

23:35: Clara Luciani captures Victory of the Revelation

23 to 29: Jeanne has been added to the coronation as the female artist of the year.

This is his second prize in the evening.

23 out of 10: Album Album of the songs returns to Alain Bashung

Alain Bashung added a little more in the legend of Victoires de la Musique, with 13 collective awards for Up the river, his album in the "Album songs" section. Ten years after his death, Bashung joined the best winning standards -M- (Matthieu Chedid), with this album led by Edith Fambuena who had been working for her chult album Military fantasies.

Chloé Mons, widow Alain Bashung. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait
Chloé Mons, widow Alain Bashung. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait

10:48 pm: The Rock for Jeanne album has been added

Jeanne receives an award on the Victory 2019 album

Jeanne's talented talent, has been one of the most beautiful voices in recent years of the French vision, which won her first Victoire of her musique in the "rock rock" section for Radiate. This award may have been a great pleasure to have a greater joy ahead because the 38-year-old singer is also mentioned in the "female artist" section, which will be given later in the evening . In the meantime, she did not hide her pleasure by going to her. Seine's prize, and thank him very much. She wanted Miossec (The revision), kissed her to leave the stage where she was; She won her, and her Fire Brigade! Chatterton ("The Fowler"). Radiate, which was lit up the fall, and # 39; takes over from the strange and powerful Be Sensational which he won to be named in the "album revelation" section in 2016. He then reaches his logic prize, even though the ethereal atmosphere of this second work was mentioned in the & # 39; chart "of electronic music". Powerful, elastic, pure, voice is the guide of the dance and its; allows Jeanne Jazz, who is a long time serving, to be one of the most impressive artists in the French perspective.

22 40: the Belgian youth Angèle who received his "creation of audio" for his & her; record Unlocking everything. She can add a second if she resigns the prize for "record recording" later in the evening.

2235: Daphne Burki's candidate makes the show …

Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait
Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait

22 24: An album for Urban Music Music going to … BigFlo & Oli, le The Life Dreams.

Toulouse brothers have developed a good awareness of allowing their parents to win the award: "Recently the visit was now an interim show (. ..), find me here, it's like a dreamer. For me, I was told to "go home", but I prefer to say "I'll stay at home," said the father.

22 hours: Impact in the Electric Music area assigned at The Blaze with Dancehall.

Dancehall The college had a & 600 voters (artists, record producers and exhibitions, critics …) in the College and Synapson.

9: 50f: Belgian Raibean, Romeo Elvis and his sister Angèle, both named.

Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait
Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait

9:40 f: Victory the rap record for Damso

Damso is the night's representative Daphne Burki. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait
Damso is the night's representative Daphne Burki. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait

9:30 pm: young singer Jéfana Camélia will be able to get her & # 39; First prize in the "Album of World Music" section.

His record CHALL, designed by Laurent Bardainne, one of the key people of his rock band Poni Hoax. This is the first time La Toulonnaise, which was released in 2009 with the television show, hindered him New Star, she has a name on the recordings, which she received César last year in the section "the best female hope" for the film Yvan Attal Brio.

Camelia Jordana. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait
Camelia Jordana. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait

9:15 f: unsuccessful subject of the film Jacques Demy The Demoiselles de Rochefort launch the night. Louane and Orelsan will launch the live show.

Louane. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait
Louane. Thomas SAMSON / AFP portrait

9:05 f The 34th Victoires de la Musique opens with notes by the composer Michel Legrand, who died on January 26, First service promise that also respects Charles Aznavour, Jacques Higelin and Maurane, who were completely extinguished in 2018.

The night, held at Seine's music, is in front of 5,000 spectators, near Paris, and simultaneously broadcast on France 2 and between France, hosted by Daphne Burki. Thirteen trips will be awarded at an afternoon that is expected to last around three hours.


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