Victor Vu's Director: Quang Binh is the most beautiful place in Vietnam


Quang Binh is becoming the most attractive destination in Vietnam and it's going to be the best way to stay. Regarding many of the films that constrain him Neverland's bread and land; Kong: Skull Island And it's the latest film Amateur led by Victor Vu.

"I have been around 10 years in Vietnam and I've been traveling to many sections, with all the different masses, but when I arrived Quang Binh in 2016 to set the situation I'm sure to give evidence to the most beautiful scenes in Vietnam here, "Victor Vu leader decided at the Quang Binh tourism event in HCMC with the theme of" Quang Binh tourism, experiences between are available.

It is the beauty of a wild, amazing cave to Lu Vita Victor Vu's decision to enter the cave to make the film. "Previously, these scenes were only in imagination." In the five weeks of filming in Xiuan there are many memories, but the most memorable thing is & # 39; I have a beautiful natural setting.

Quang Binh tourism promotion through film

& # 39; Kingdom of the Cave & # 39; in the Quang Binh department AmateurPost-Video: Thanh Huyen.

Not only does it attract movie-makers in the country and in the world, Quang Binh is appears to be the most attractive in Vietnam with tourists.

Ho An Phong, director of the Quang Binh Tourism Department, built in 2018, will send around 3.9 million visitors to the provincial tourism industry. Total visitor income is estimated at 4.255 billion, up 12% over the same period.

According to Phong, the future Quang Binh tourism is based on three posts: caves, marine and historic culture. The trip around his Son is a good class and his / her; attracting visitors from around the world.

After five years of tourism, Son Doong received over 2,900 visitors. Photograph: Ryan Deboodt. "Data-natural-h =" 333 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" -1542803001.jpg

After five years of tourism, Son Doong received over 2,900 visitors. Photograph: Ryan Deboodt.

"Quang Binh's tourism has been emerging since 2015, but in a short time we have amazing development steps." Previously, the Department of Tourism was committed to; expects to reach a total of around 600,000 visitors by 2016. Indeed, we have welcomed 3 million visitors in 2015, the figure was far higher than expected, "Ho An Phong section.

With the growth rate in recent years and the sustainable tourism strategy, international experts suggest that Quang Binh can be the main tourist destination in the south east of Asia with 8 million visitors and have 3 million international tourists.

At the Quang Binh Destructive Conference in 2018, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that not just Vietnamese in Quang Binh or a careful question of the hidden beauty, the beauty of Vietnam's border, Today is a "blue diamond" in Asia.

The first one in the Son Doong Cave after 3 year reception guests

Quang Binh has been a journal New York Times (USA) is considered to be the most attractive in Asia. Sunday Quang Binh is the fourth attractive place in Vietnam. Light Heavy Extreme Phong Nha – Ke Bang was secondly replaced by Hoi An in the list of the 15 most famous destinations in Vietnam in 2017. Previously, Hang En, the son of Doong Cave, first cave in the world that was broadcast. Directed on ABC's "Good Morning America" ​​program.

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