Vicuña Benjamín will star in a movie based on the Antuco disturbance Society


Benjamín Vicuña, David Albala and Silein 's company Storyboards they went in to do the fault White Wind, the failure based on the accident at Antuco, where 45 writers died in May 2005.

It is expected that the first film will be next year, where its & # 39; film company co-production to & # 39; Project by Alba through the Caliber 71 representative, and Vicuña as an active and senior representative.

As reported Variety, the project will cost around £ 6 million, collected from private funding, public funds and delegates.

This is a high figure for Silein's representation, describing the movie 1879 Emerald (2010), costing nearly $ 12 million.

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