Vidal is a bonus paid for practitioners in Buenos Aires


Regulator María Eugenia Vidal, in operation in Lanús, stated that he would receive a bonus of 3,500 pesos for constituents and non-salary regional pensioners exceeding 10,000 pesos. In addition there will be a bonus of 700 pesos for the benefits of the More Vida Plan and the prepayment for its & # 39; the first day of December of the ways in which all staff in the State of Beneficiaries are targeted.

Vidal also stated that those who have an account with Banco Provincia have access to 50% discount on food and materials that are similar to a Christmas basket in the supermarkets linked to the program on 19 December and 26.

The leader of the leader of the Buenosairean was announced almost the day after the resignation of the president of Mauricio Macri's president. contributing to ANSES practitioners to pay their 5 thousand pesos valid polls agreed with the CGT.

A bonus of 3,500 pesos will reach 20,000 of the 260,000 practitioners who have their constituents and area boxes and 300,000 of the More Vida Plan will receive 700 additional pesos for the same time.

Vidal made the name in the "Gran Familia" of Lanús with local convener Néstor Grindetti, Minister of Economy, Hernán Lacunza, Social Development Minister, Santiago López Medrano, and president of Banco Provincia, Juan Curutchet.

The president also recognized that staff salaries lost their inflation this year. About the talks with the unions, including that of the unions still closed, Vidal introduced "We tried, in the meeting with the different unions of the department, to make the best offer so that the jobs were lost as little as possible against the inflation. "

And he identifies: "It's been a difficult year for Argentineans, for Buenos Aires, for families, for our practitioners and pensioners, for government staff, for those who are supported by the State."


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