Video. Al-Fishawi celebrates the date of his wife with a bottle of wine instead of sweets


Nisreen al-Naji On watch 22:52

Ahmed al-Fishawi and his wife

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Ahmed al-Feshawi's Egyptian actor seems to have been controversial, with his wife Nada Kamel, but he still produces pictures or videos, and the last is the birthday.

Al-Fishawi published his account with Instagram, with his wife in a public place. She was surprised by identifying her birthday and her birthday; giving a decision, and his / her; including wine bottles.

Ahmed Al-Fishawi has previously shown that he drinks alcohol, during his visit as a guest of the "I and I" program that Samar Yusri and his / her; offered.

Al-Feshawi revealed his emotional connection to his wife, Nada, June last year, after many reports that he was associated with a girl outside the arts. A simple service was held in El Gouna at El Gouna Film Festival in September.

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