Video Amr Waked "Bald" and scenes in Egypt in the latest Amri series


3:11 PM

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Books – م: راوي:

Hulu Network have published the "Ramy" series on its network on 19 April, via its Facebook page.

The series discusses a young Muslim man of the first American descent of Egyptian parents, and suffers from identity problems in a multicultural society.

The series is played by Egyptian actor Rami Yousef, famous for representing comedy acts, and Amr Waked with a star star, who appeared in a different block and bald head.

It should be noted that Rami Yousef took part in a number of shows including See Dad Run and Mr. Dave Dose. Robot and Why e.

Artist Amr Waked has published his speech in America in October to represent a comedy series, saying: "Shkly Keda has fallen in love comedy."

In a foreign newspaper interview Rami Yousef said he was delighted to show a human figure with screen size and information.

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