Video .. Any shape to change IBAN in the citizen account




The citizen's account returned to the repository of the manner and the rules for IBAN bank change to beneficiaries' benefit of public inquiries.
The IBAN citizen account must change that the new number will be linked to the name of the applicant.

Publishes the video server's account showing how he will change the IBAN and said: "You can change IBAN while it is linked to the name of the applicant and that it will be pay the support if you qualify for IBAN until the new IBAN is determined.
IBAN can be modified through the following steps:
Log in to the Citizen Census Program Portal (here).
Go to fill out and finish the app page.
Click on bank account data.
Enter the new IBAN number.
Save the information.

The program of citizen's account, which was deposited on Sunday Sunday, ended the support given to the eleventh session of beneficiaries in their requests in the citizen's account.

The Citizens Account Program aims to directly and indirectly influence the economic reforms of Saudi families at risk. The subsidy value includes an increase in changes in fuel and electricity prices after rectification, as well as its. The impact of an added value to food and drink value.
Registration is made through the citizen's port site and the following data will be inserted (identity number, birth date, mobile number), and follow the steps to make the registration process & # 39; finishing easily.

In order to achieve the optional selection requirements of the program, the registrar must be a Saudi national, but only the son and daughter of citizenship and the non-Saudi and the card keepers.

It is also essential to obtain support that the householder permanently resides within the United Kingdom so that he has not been in a position; live outside the United Kingdom for over 90 days in the last 12 months.

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