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The CSR leader, Andrej Danko, is ready for any decision in connection with his remarkable parliamentary meeting today. The meeting will be open. This Danko confirmed at a news conference in the past Yesterday. Last week, Danko advised that the CIS will support the opening of the meeting, and also asks its partnership partners. He asks Members to vote for their personality. He talked about broken relationships in the partnership, saying he can not rule without trust.

The incredible online series ended. Thank you for attending the meeting.

17:26 Danko continues to chair the National Council of Slovak Republic.

There were 61 electors against 26, and one was complaining.

Jana Cigániková will be published by a secret ballot product. A total of 90 ballot papers were issued for secret voting. 90 MEPs were voted. In a secret ballot on Danka's move to apply from 90 polls, 2 were invalid."President of the National Council of the Czech Republic, Andrej Danko, thanked the NHS MP and partner for their confidence," Dankov Tomáš Kostelník spoke in response to the result of his vote. Most Hide had previously announced that he should not vote. A number of Smer-SD members were also lost. "Smeru-SD club did not participate in the vote in terms of the agreements," SDS Deputy Director Ľubomír Petrák said.

Andrej Thanks

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková.

17:15 A secret vote goes out. Bugar has been awarded a break until all the votes are counted. It can take 10-15 minutes.

17:07 Name their most not votes. The Deputy may also be part of the guidance. Many of the messengers in the hall are missing.

17:05 MSP to vote.

17:02 Dostal voted for Danke's confidence vote, saying he did not vote for Danka's claim before he voted. Bugar said that the appeal was not able to vote under the Modification Regulations. "I'm sorry to vote," said Bugar.

Béla Bugár

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17:00 MEPs vote in secret. Prior to that, Ondrej Dostal gave up the recommendation of a method.

16:34 Representatives voted in private at 17:00.

16:28 The short templates for his vote. Lucia Durise Nicholson gives a summary of the petition for an application.

16:27 Robert Kaliňák had never spoken in the debate. He was not in the hall when he came to see him.

16:22 "It's not true what Danko said. There was no licensed collection even in 2000," Lucie Duris Nicholson said at the hearing.

Kaliňák was not in the hall when he came to the meeting.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: Topky / Maarty

16:02 Allan Suchanek from OĽaNO did apparently. Jan Buda came in behind him.

15:59 "He harmed and hated him how he would do it," SaS Jan Cigániková will open her lecture. In addition, she reads Dancan's connections with people who responded to the challenge of a social network.

15:50 Andrej Danka's appeal session takes around an hour, the parliamentary hall is almost empty.

15:35 "There is no further damage to the official foreign policy of Slovakia, such as Andrej Danko. If we do not let the Fascists know in the Parliament, but no one really plays," said Martin Poliačik.

15:01 Complete the debate about the Dankov appeal by Robert Kaliňák

A MEP is moving to reject Andrey Danko, President of the National Council for four hours. After thirteen of written speakers, twelveteen candidates entered the oral debate. Everything is likely to be followed by a secret ballot in which the decision of the President of the Parliament has been determined. Danko, or the words, is ready for any decision.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: topky

14:41 "At least one of the consortium has been saying that Dzurinda's government can be the case of Dank," Simon answered.

14:38 Robert Kaliňák put on the word. "I liked Zsolt Simon. You're ready, a cartoon of corruption. The only person who has been a minister who is grateful to headteachers. You knew about it & If they did not tell them, " he said.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: NRSR

14:25 At this time, Zsolt Simon speaks. He says that Danko has won a job as a captain. "He got him from his defense minister who gave him a reward," he said.

14:11 Following an incredible meeting, Natalia Grausova and Milan Mazurek spoke from the LSNS.

14:05 VIDEO A Comment on Richard Sulik, a & # 39; shows his diploma work, and Lucie Nicholson, on his person's fees

13:47 A number of Smerm MEPs received not to go to parliament

A number of members of the Smer-SD party did not return to a remarkable parliamentary meeting today, and is chaired by the President of the National Council of Slovakia Andrej Danko. As they said several SITA addresses, they received sms reports on Tuesday that they would not have to travel to Bratislava. This is especially about members of Slócaig Meadhanach agus an Ear.

Today's incredible meeting of the SR National Council is on the recommendation that Andrey Danko be rejected from the President's position of the National Symposium of the Sovereign Chamber of Secrets, according to his / her; Smer-SD's governing party, which is the opposition to the state and a large part of the media. As stated later in the party's opinion, this is a state "Expansion of anger and total hate" in which the opponents and the media do not realize that the truth is true: "He is a person who catches his wind, and the storm's fight."

Robert Fico

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"Andrej Danko is a legitimate President of SMER for Social Democracy. As President of the Slovak National Party, he took part in the fair parliamentary elections and the result he has received allows President's position to stand Maintain the National Soviet Republic, Guidelines. The party said she has a keen interest in how to carry the challenge in the parliamentary talks on the scams of President SR Andrej Kisk.

13:36 A Kiskov spokesman responds to Dank's doubts

Kiskov spokesman, Russian Krpelan answered Dank's words, who queried his president's final work. "Work available: it was never secret," said at the end of the status.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Source: Facebook / Roman Krpelan

13:31 Béla Bugár was trying to explain to journalists the difference between taking a personal decision and attracting political responsibility. "If you do not see it, we have nothing to talk," said Thanksgiving. Accordingly, there are at least five options for personal decision, but did not sign them.

13:10 Most people can not participate in the # 39; vote on Andrej Danko

Coalition Most people do not. participating in the vote on her & # 39; moved to chair the National Council chairman of the SR Andrey Danko left the office. This was reinforced by the debut Club Debnár. Danka attempts to appeal against her & # 39; case for his hard work case. "The most MPs are continuing to a consensus agreement. We do not believe that the executive and security of Slovakia is responsible for individual and / or personal actions . So MP can not share most Hide in today's vote, " It is written in the opinion.

Chairman of the Most-Híd Béla party

Well: TASR – Jakub Kotian

Most of her say; A few days ago, in relation to the fact that Danko should make a personal decision. For this reason, he criticized the NHS, which stands behind Dankom. President Béla Bugár said there is a conflict between his party and the CIS, but we can not talk about early elections.

12:06 Lucia Duris Nicholson is emailed by the Ottawa police, which affirms that the document is being posted. preventing her from displacing her prostitution.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: Topky / Maarty

12:05 Sulik showed his diploma work.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: Topky / Maarty

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: Topky / Maarty

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: Topky / Maarty

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: Topky / Maarty

12:00 The stunning meeting was stopped. Stay at 14:00.

11:58 Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson, who responded to the allegations made by MP Marcelo, also participated in the information. The e-mail journalist from the Ottawa police showed that the document is a breach that confirms that she is in a position; participating in prostitution in Canada. The MEP has informed the offenders. "Let's allow all our lawyers to clear the name of SaS, and her first name is Miss Nicholson," said Richard Sulík.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

11:57 Richard Sulik showed his diploma work on his information, explaining that he might have been in his / her. hanging on his website for a diploma dissertation, where he had a note with vulgarism. He also produced a printed copy of the first to the journalist with a list of literature used with four books and six webcams.

11:19 A large majority of members of the assembly are present from the meeting.

After leaving, Danka left the lapse. Many consortial leaders say there is no place to participate in the debate. "Most are not willing to attend this circus," Miroslav Ciz of Smer said. Also, according to CIS sources, several MEPs said that the meeting had nothing to do.

11:15 Martin Poliačik spoke at the hearing. He also criticizes the Education Minister, who has reduced the Andrey Danko scriptwriting. She asks her not to retire.

11:05 Opening lecture by Andrey Danko

11:02 Richard Sulík said in response to the lies at Andrey Danko. The chairman of SaS shows his diploma dissertation.

10:45 Speaking at the hearing, Peter Osusky will talk to her; appear on SaS.

10:40 Robert Fico has also appealed.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

10:39 "All the numbers mean that he has bought the job" SaS said.

10:35 "An unofficial problem opened by Pandora cabinet journalists," Blaha said, reciting the genesis of the case.

10:34 Natalia Blahová takes part in the debate

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

10:33 Kotleba praised the performance of Boris Kollar. According to that, it was also difficult because the CEO vice president was not a director of Danka. "It can not be protected."

10:27 "Boris, thank you for the show that has just revived," said Matovic. "When he puts up his brain cell (Danko, look red), it's a bad thing after another" The Chief Executive said, and he did not understand the phrases that did not understand Andrey Danko.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: NRSR

10:25 Introductory lecture by Lucie Duris Nicholson

10:24 "The founders of the CIS in 1871 must now enter the grave when they see what they have stolen from the rocks," Kollar added. Six MEPs spoke on the lecture with a true account.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

10:21 "When you stole and Lesostav scapte, did you have a town boy? This is what the" fraudster "says," said leader We are a family.

10:19 "We put these balls forward on their heads. I have explained everything and can answer. While you hide all things, because you can not you come and say that we rob us, " Kollar said. Laughter from the hall "I do not deal with your work, you'll respond yourself."

Also in the hall is Robert Kaliňák

Member of the National Council for the Republic of Slovakia

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

10:18 "As he did, he finally got into it," Kollar said. "Andrej, I did not want to tell you." According to Kollar, he had asked his words.

10:17 Boris Kollar will appear in the debate

Kollar, for inclusion, praised Dank for his beginnings. "He spoke well, unhappy, because someone wrote it."

10:05 "The story is that we are today a sad report about our education. The challenge to the hard work is related to education and staff, which is all very damaging. in the final finals, " I hope to think. He argued that he was extremely disappointed by the Ministry of Education's opinion, A whole piece of hard work with Andrey Danko as a personal issue between the head of Parliament and the faculty.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

10:00 AM Miroslav Sopko spoke from the OĽaNO movement.

9:59 Danko left the parliament's hall after the lecture. Follow debate. MEPs have already agreed that they can negotiate after 19:00.

9:53 Sauri Duriš Nicholson got the word again.

If he had asked an extraordinary meeting earlier, they would not have lost such a case. It was said that it would translate at the beginning of the case.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

9:51 The NHS and a MP of the NHS gave a free hand in the vote. "I'm ready to fight with you in the 2020 parliamentary elections," he said.

9:50 He said the media belonged to oligarchs. "I think what you would do if you got this power. You will definitely manage the processes, the investigations. (…) This government will not break you I will go to the field to win voters and I do not need Matovic and Sulik to speak to the state, " he said.

Richard Sulik on the Balcony of the Parliament.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

9:49 Finally, he said that the UMB commission had accepted his detailed test. "Media-mediation is expressed. I do not know more about what I said about this. I would like to say anything that I have never been asleep on NHS snaps. I was always trying to get Andrew and his group, " he said.

9:47 It is not a survey group in which; College, and it does not have to be, Danko said, with the saying that the promise can be said after court decisions, not newspaper articles.

9:45 "Do I look at the diplomas, Ms. Blahová, Mrs. Cigániková? Yesterday, I saw SaS's director's work. On the twentieth side he is wild, " said Thanksgiving. "Richard Sulik's submissions do not work, why not in full format, why tell me he was cleared," he said. Danko said, and again mentioned the work of Andy Kisk.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

9:40 "I have never been tough and rugged for women. You made your mind to do another thing. From this I will take into account the responsibility of crime," said Thanksgiving.

9:35 Danko says that the valuation is provided, which will also be given to journalists. "The boundaries of scientific work are not at work hard and can be done by the collecting method. Write it down," said Thanksgiving. "It's not just preserving the title."

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

9:33 He said he did not know how to get work, he also reminded the work of Richard Sulik and Andre Kisk. "It's still going to make your face." Richard Sulík said his work is on the internet.

9:32 He said they are dealing with the evidence without evidence. He was also in Log N. "It is the middle of the oligarch that has been in charge of Bratislava, Nitra, Mr Poliačik, Mr Beblavý, and even he does not even remember," He said what was the laughter and the disagreement.

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

9:31 According to Danko, the opponent can not debate the case. "Political struggle is also a reflection of society. You also have the same as your opponent's values. I oppose the citizens for the second time that I want to call a meeting, but it is my duty. "

9:27 Andrej Danko spoke to his speech

Andrej Danko signed the name. "We heard the words on one side full of words, on the other side of the unbelievable idea. It is difficult to answer a woman, but today I am acting as the President of the Parliament, as the Party Chair of the Parliament and Father. Again, you have shown that you are not about Slovakia and that you kill people without a review, but you need a newspaper article, " said Thanksgiving. "Without proper work, you want to frighten people. You talk about grace, but you do not."

Appeal to Andrey Danko

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

9:26 The word was given by Tibor Bernajak to inform the constitutional committee of its proposal for discussions. "The Committee spoke on its proposal on 20 November. He did not accept the intention because he did not receive support from the required number of constituents, " he said.

9:25 Lucia Duris Nicholson is the appeal of Andreja Danka for an appeal. He says that the opponents want his disaster, especially as he has tried to hear hard work. "We do not want criminal liability. We have a white black, as the President of Parliament has accepted the title and how it is preserved."

9:23 "Many of you see that you are real education," MacNeacail said, although there are keywords between Members, it does not mean that they are not educated.

Hard work Dankova

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9:19 Nicolson spoke about why she did not go to college. "My family was in a tough situation, and so it was important that I went to work and helped my family. This is my decision, even though there was no trust in , " She explained, though not important.

9:16 He said that he was not able to take on political responsibility at his first conviction. "You, colleagues, do not feel embarrassing when reading articles in a foreign media?"

9:12 "I think how such a person will be saved when he gets the power. Can he deal with power carefully? Can not he be mistaken? Can not he deceive it? I do not know I do not know how to answer me, but I know how the President of the Parliament has preserved when I proceeded. I know how he was a surgeon, " Ďuriš Nicholsonová said.

Dance VIDEO Danka: CEO

Well: NRSR

9:09 "A number of experts have agreed that writing is a jobwriting," Again Nicolson.

9:05 Lucia Duris Nicholson spoke to her address and praised her. "This can not be a laptop and a cheater," she said at the beginning. Again, she repeatedly recounted the reasons why Danka was. "Editors have discovered that there is a spelling of many texts that are in work."

9:00 The Committees commenced an amazing meeting to destroy Andrey Danko as the chair of the parliament.

At the meeting, the opponents are trying to try to mistrue Dank for his hard work. Challenging rulers attempt to remove Danko from the office in the beginning of November. The meeting's agenda did not agree to a sufficient number of electors, so the appeal did not come to an end. Now, the situation should be different.

Bridge brings support to the meeting, Manual guides

Most of the Hid support will open the meeting, but they did not indicate how they would hold the session. Bele Bugar party name several days ago that Danko should make a personal decision. She won her criticism from the NHS, which is behind Dankom. Bugar included a conflict between his party and the CIS, but the early elections can not be said either.

Andrej Thanks

Source: SITA / Braño Bibel

Essential proof in the case of Dink Rigoroza: A missing piece!

On the Smer-SD side, Danka stopped at hard work case. He is considering the Danish partnership partnership as the legitimate chairman of the National Council, and has come from free democratic elections. Danko started repeating the week he had worked hard with his conscience and his / her. best cook. He believes we are still living in a legal state and can not compromise a newspaper article or Facebook status, confirm and implement a person's function.

The daily day of N September 24 writes that the President of the Parliament has caused him to become a Doctor of Law. Biographies, Danko does not only report to the University of Comenius, where he completed a Master's degree. Later on, it became obvious that JUDr. received by the UMB. He refused to publish the final work. Andrej Danka gave permission to the secretary of the Laggan Department of the UMB, Michal Turošík, to circulate hard work before the public, who concluded a licensing agreement on September 21. He did that on the very day Danka received a written request for his mystery. UMB Rector Vladimir Hliadlovsky says he had learned about these two documents until September 26. At the beginning of November, he decided to publish his work and is available at the Library the University in Banská Bystrica.

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