Video: brutal attempt to steal a driver in Caballito – 11/27/2018


It was 43 seconds; That was the attempt to mistake the BMW in the heart of Caballito.

The security cameras on the movie block on how stop the driver to turn the attack back and forth until the five substitutes passed and fled.

Everything happened last Saturday, at 17.17, at Thompson at 600, meters from the Pedro Goyena road, where a whole movie filming room security cameras, broadcast by TN.

The convicts, five of them, were moved by car. When he arrived at the corner of Thompson and Pedro Goyena, he stopped a bracket that went back to the white BMW.

That was then of the car came down four armed robbers, as long as the driver was behind her; wheel. There were three crimes around BMW while another was targeting.

But BMW driver started to escape and his / her; move on to date the robbers stole the robbery, they went into the car and fled to the place.

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