Video-burned death: a star star dies shot accidentally


Justin Carter died in a terrible accident.

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The upcoming musician Justin Carter died in Texas, burning his own video – he was a tragic accident. He was just 35 years old.

Houston – He was a singer. It was only recently that he signed the first sign, requesting a whirlwind tour. But a terrible accident came to the young person's life.

A costly accident happened to Justin Carter's life

Justin Carter died on Saturday night in the music video in Houston, Texas. He was just 35 years old. As his mother Cindy McClellan Fox News The story goes that the musician had died of the weapons he was wearing as a weapon. Sadly, a shot broke and I met my son in the corner of my eye, said the mother. T "The talented singer" Justin Carter "leaves behind two girls, while McClellan says.

Justin Carter: It was the really good music

"It was a really enjoyable thing for the music, it was very talented," said her mother to the singer. T So he was working hard on his job. He recently completed a recording contract successfully and was intending to give concerts at a glance. A journey through the ten cities was planned to his mother. He was a new star of Country Sky. But he was not just music but the great interest of Justin Carter. The singer wanted to give his family music and he says that he did McClellan soon. He left the last thing with Nu Breed – "Love Affair".

The singer, who was killed by the luck, should not be forgotten. His recording company also plans to publish Justin Carter's other productions, reports. His family have also been named to commemorate the singer's memories. "He was a wonderful artist, his voice was full of passports and we try to keep that story alive," said McClellan's mother. FoxNewsThe singer was to be buried in her own township in San Antonio.

Another recent star star died in the 80s. The causes of death were identified. Although Rammstein is still alive, he was impressed by their new music video but also the masses.


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