VIDEO: Derby on the south side of Slovakia after turning for Nitra hockey players


today 21:20

HK Nitra players have been influenced in the 24th visit of Tipsport's announcements to their MHC Mikron Nové Zámky 4: 2 company.

Duel MHC Nové Zámky – HK Nitra, you could see LIVE on Š >>

The home team into this meeting was more successful and in the 3rd minute they took their main objective in the Bajka goal. The guests responded 11 minutes later when Lane Scheidl was the same. Lastly satisfied, the Novozamčany went to the huts when Patrik Rogoň gave them in the 17th minute.

He made a "coronet" to enter the player's middle; Robert Lantos's equality and in the third third he kept every point for Nitra Kale Kerbashian. In the last seconds of the game, Branislav Rapáč said.

Nitra after her Tuesday game on the 6th place, Nové Zámky steers three points over her. bar above.

MHC Mikron Nove Zamky – HK Nitra 2: 4 (2: 1, 0: 1, 0: 2)

aims: 3. Bajtek (Bailteil), 17. Rogoň (Novak, Jurík) – 14. Scheidl (McCormack, Kerbashian), 29. Lantos (Mezei, McCormack), 52. Kerbashian (Morrison, Majdan)).

They decided: Jonák, Lokšík – J. Tvrdoň, Synek, exclusion: 3: 4, in addition to: Zbořil 5 + DKZ for an accident on the playroom – 10 minutes for Soloing for an accident, 2: 1, weaknesses: 0: 0


Nové Zámky: Kosarist – Andersons, Kudla, Hain, M. Henderson, Ordzovensky, M. Novák, Ľ. Buc, Hatala – Bajtek, T. Urban, Štrauch – Rogoň, Zbořil, J. Jurík – Linet, Jakubek, Nejezchleb – Ondrušek, B. Fábry, Slávik

Nitra: Šimboch – McCormack, Mezei, Morrison, Rais, Rácz, Miroslav Pupák, Pátvár, Korim – Blackwater, M. Slovák, Lantosi – Majdan, Kerbashian, Scheidl – B. Rapac, Bortnak, Fominych – Hrušík,

The home team had a rooster in the regional derby, which helped to include Slaca in the 29th second. They also took advantage of the Presilov's opportunity when Košaristan was left to leave through a half-way through Bajka and after they had been able to go. opening towns with the score. Nitrania got a deeper threat to the home gate in 8 minutes, but the Košarist immediately threatened to finalize Scheidl and advised Pokus Rapáčovy. In the third, fast hockey was played and in 14 minutes it was balanced – by bacping Bachkov, shooting Scheidl. However, the situation did not stand fairly fair. The people who came in to the new printback – Novák came from the blue, which jumped out of their & # 39; behind on the hockey Rogoňa and put the Šimbochova nets in vain.

After a quick hockey with many opportunities in the second game, the home team could double the Jurík – Zbořil, but the first one selected was the picture taken Šimboch. In the same way, Linet and Nejezchleb attempted to bluff failing to end. The Doe was just in front of Šimbo. Nitrania put the ball on the right, and after 29 minutes the ball looked good. The guests were then a 5-minute power play, but with a great thank you to the very good view of Košaristan, the status had not changed.

It was a great opportunity; in Nitra was given to the Rapach leadership in the third part, but the game had to go faster. On the other hand, Šimboch left well against Fábry's picture. In 52 minutes, Nitrania Kerbashian met for 3: 2. Then 35 seconds before the end, they asked the new Guardian's worms, which was used by Rapáč and made the fourth visit to Nitra.



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