VIDEO. Do not know Aya Nakamura, author of "Djadja" pipes? We will submit it to you


If you're not a girl who loves to dance and sing with her lover, you could be very tight about Aya Nakamura and her tube Djadja. Does not matter. It's not too late to learn the words: "Oh Djadja, there's no way Djadja". Because the singer is not ready to stay in her & # 39; first place records with his second record, Nakamura, released on November 2.

Its name is Nakamura Japanese, but Aya Danioko was born in Bamako, Mali, and was built in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis). She started her a music post in 2014, with zouk love titles posted on Facebook and YouTube, which quickly added to a million audience. Some collaboration with French skins later, is launched with its first solo album, Diary, which was released in 2017 (gold certified gods) and her first pipe behavior. But it is Djadja, who was released single-person in April 2018, which is placed in all the clips, so far as the Blues, in the 2018 World Cup.

Djadja He also runs in a bend in the Netherlands, Romania, Portugal … In the United States, the NPR public radio will still be in the US; One of the times in the summer. With the menu Nakamura, the singer "It is beautifully enhancing the French rules", to analyze American magazine The Fader.

But how did Aya Nakamura, 23, become the queen of the music records? With music "made to move, and feel the body", is inspired by her love zouk who listens to her as a child, and an afro-trap, who is listening to her. mixing traditional African music and electronic sounds. The youngest for most popular fans usually describe French R & B in the early 2000s. codesshe recites Step by step Dadoo and Vitaa, and Pom pom and forward the text and the tune Icon for Pom Pom Pom, of Factor X.

His words, which combine rods, African phrases, English and Spanish, have also reached their audience. "I sing exactly as I talk to my friends"she says. A man a "Đô", The "Y is R" mean it "nothing (to see, say, to criticize …)" and this contemporary language offers simple storytelling, in which its fans recognize themselves: love, breaking, messages, facts … Between R & B romantic woman and rap Warning because France has heard a lot (Diam, Wallen, Kenza Farah …), Aya Nakamura defends her image of a woman "Acne and well".

However, "It was not easy to be a black woman" in the music industry, she says The Fader. In the magazine, she says she was asked to light her black skin or "use basic base". Recently, a picture, which was posted on Instagram, has recently been successful in generating social and sexualized experiments on social networks. Reasons of journalist Jennifer Padjemi, an online media interview AJ +, which is connected to the & # 39; A concept of bad discrimination, which aims for black women, due to their genre and skin color. But Aya Nakamura seems to stand up "Haters" live "behaviors".

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