VIDEO FILM: A Febiofest Prize from Bohdalov, Mahdal dab for the Fund


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The last time we published a DVD The Famous Movie, The Carefree Ride, on a DVD that was ten years ago. Then the promoter explained the award, Peter Fondovido Los Angeles.

I am sorry that Peter Fonda, and thanks to dog moe, is so long. But I was very ill to get someone out in the furnace price, and buy one ticket.

Fonda had to abandon him, as his representative had said, and that woman's wife said. There will be a meeting here with fondovo pislben to meet the public.

Despite that, his well-known films, The Career Ride, Gold Ulee, and Vzesk Blues, who were chosen for honors performances, will be shown in the future.

My taste is good: Zavi oi, pichzm, she thanked Bohdalov in parafrzi on the ages of Oldich Novho from the picture of Kristin, according to the price. And then she wrote a private letter first from Novo, which she got in 1964 and out of the country: the hunter at the gate recommends he wouldn't be pursued, and then the day will come when it comes.

Jiina Bohdalov, who came to the camera at the age of five, also explains her own four-year-old film, Febiofest, on Sunday, when she introduces the film personally. On Monday, Louis Garrel's French fortress will be a guest for the film Billa August.

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