VIDEO: Freibergs Gateway to Czech Play "Play Off" after 350 km


Ralph Freibergs is one of the Zen Hockey Club leaders this season.

Ralph Freibergs is one of the Zen Hockey Club leaders this season.

Photo: Roman Turovsky / HC Zlin

Latvia's hockey team defends Ralph Freiberg and the Edgars Kulda attacker on Monday Monday with the PSG hockey team Selín rolled 350 kilometers by bus to Mlada Boleslav in the morning to start hockey hockey games from the Czechs.

The long journey from Moravian to Bohemian didn't leave without impact, as the Zlín team lost 1: 3 (0: 1, 0: 1, 1: 1), but Freiberg made the same out visit. .

According to the Czech journal of "Blesk", the decision to dominate the Z see unit on a game has been astonishing on the day of the game, as other units usually come to the center on an evening. T the previous day, going out of the hotel, getting off in the morning and ready to fight. "PSG Berani" hockey players were still at home in the morning. They then took the bus and then went on their way.

The crew are told that the crew have also risen, as the proposed D1 road has risen, but this time there has been no concern on a Berlin unit and it has been present for three hours. arrives. "Blesk", however, indicates that the daring task of the first time was dying that they were the result of a long journey.

There was no shortage of "PSG Berani" left "dry", but in 22 seconds before the end of the main prize, the majority of the original opponents visited Freiberg, who sent the show up. and the word "hockey". He calls it in hockey, pushing into the "meat".

The 16-minute guard carried on ice in this game and 34 seconds where two guns were shot, and four minutes of punishment and negative efficiency of -1, and Kulda pointed out at 13 minutes and 31 seconds, it banned one shooting and was one. being used by an ingenious machinery.

The three destinations are Lukasz Zhejdl.

Freibergs Four goals in 49 battles this year, scoring 18 goals, and Kulda 49 goals to 11 goals and 11 goals.

In the series, up to three trophies in one team, the second game will be held on Tuesday.

The "play off" series of the first round of excursions was launched by Robert Bukarte, a Robert Russie attacker from Vitkovice from 1: 2 (0: 0, 0: 0). T 1, 1: 1).

Bukarte spent 13 minutes on ice in this game, and 35 seconds, throwing three times across the gate, trying one shooting and creating the negative effect of -1.

People do this this year in the 47 traditional games where the games went out with seven goals and 19 were passing by.

Again, the competition for the quarterfinals will be launched with Trinecas Ocelars, represented by Gunta Galviņa as well as Oskar Cibulska and Hradeckralov Mountfield, produced by Marshal Bickevska.

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Today's competition was won by the Tiger competition with Liberec, the second place was Trinec & Ocelars, and third place was Škoda at Plzeň, celebrating these three units. in the International Ice Cup Quota (IIHF).

The fourth was built by Hradeckrálov “Mountfield”. At the same time, Zlin had PSG Berani & 39; in the ninth year, and Prague finished with Sparta; first of all.

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