Video games do not lead to more violence


The debate is as old as the gamegames: games that & # 39; meant that there could be more violence, as long as the idea was a matter of interest – although different non-actual studies have proved true.

For example, the "Killerspiel" debate about ten years ago, in which there was a direct risk between reasonable blowing games and more violence, it's still a good memory – and an application to ban on these games has been put on expressed.

Scientists at the British University of Oxford are currently tested in a major study that is not linked to the rise of violent games and more aggression. About a thousand people were interviewed between the ages of 14 and 15, male and female, and the same number of parents or carers.

In an online survey, the actors gave them information on their behavior; At the same time, the leaders evaluated the aggressive behavior of the young people in the last few months. The PEGI and ESRB arrangements, which certify the age range of games, are the basis for its & # 39; a share of violence in a game.

No connection

The study was carried out on the idea that there is a connection between games and violence as well. As a result, the researchers came to another decision: "There are no relevant relationships in statistics between playing violent games and aggressive behavior of young people."

At the same time, the study will criticize a number of other studies on the same subject that are subject to false or incomplete methods and yellow results. Sometimes these would have led to "moral level".

The study of the Royal Science Open Science website.

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