Video .. Halima Boland is buying a house for $ 5 million and her & her; Convener "Villa Aldala and excellent beauty"


Kuwaiti news agency, Halima Boland, has bought a new house in the Burgundian town of Bruges Ozon for $ 5 million, confirming that this amount is not valid; including one town but a villa for herself and her family and other group for investment investment.

She also explained a video through her account of the "Snape Chat" application, the level of the man, still being built and also the beauty of her home, and her; show that the town is well equipped and the largest dancer in Europe, called "Villa splendor, luxury and beauty."

She also put pictures on his face page on the Intergram website with the governor of Trnovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina's master's name when he signed his inventory with the investment contract.

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