VIDEO Hapal in front of a main derby with Czech: We have a change to start with Stoch


Martin Škrtel and Pavel Hapal
Martin Škrtel and Pavel Hapal

PRAGUE – Before the first Monday of the 1st Division B of the League of Nations League, the Czech Republic is not aware that Pavel Hapal's Slovakian football coach is stupid. On the other hand, the derby is delighted and believes that returning from Prague is a great pleasure. It would mean that guests have been able to convert and save a post-communist competitiveness at the cost of Section B.

"I look forward to the game, and even so much after our decision against Ukraine. I believe that We have come well and we will return home with a better desire " Jan Kozák's 49-year-old fan commented on the prosperity of the Slovak national team with 4: 1 to win the # 39; a group that was winning in Ukraine. Hapala was pleased that Boeing, who, after staying 40 minutes in the airfield, had landed at the extreme night at Vaclav Havel Airport, every player. Also, mid-player Stanislav Lobotka, did not have a fiddler for a wounded member of Ukraine, but also Juraj Kucka, Peter Pekarik, Adam Zrelak and David Hancko, who suffered several or more smaller fish on the # 39; Friday war in Trnava. "I believe everyone will be ready for their game. Juraj will spread today's training, but I'm still hoping he will go," he said. Hapal said.

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His companions need to go to Prague to meet the goal (s). "It's in our hands, but the Hawks also say the same, but I do not think they play it, but they are at home and I accept that the game itself is based on protection. I personally expect an attack game, " Hapal introduced, and refusing to mark his team as their favorite. "It would be difficult to say that we are better, and I do not want to overwrite this challenge either, I think there will be two A team of high quality is maintained with good results, fans continue to look forward, and I believe the stadium will be sold and rich people will create. I feel motivated by my players to flourish, it's a spoil and the game enters the Section B, which allows spectators to give hospitality and we're happier than the game. "

Hapal has made a recommendation compared to the duel against Ukraine, changes in the satellite can come, not just for strong reasons. He allowed Miroslav Stoch to be included in the eleven basic, but all must be the head. "Miňo is in a good shape, we have a choice that we start with from the beginning, but I do not say it will be, and if so, I believe that the fans, even the Czech and the Slavs, is cited. "

Captain Martin Škrtel ensures that the team has the features to get rid of the Jewels and pay their 1: 2 result by the end of the month. "We win every game to win, and tomorrow we will do everything for a successful product, we will try to use our strengths and to punish the challenging ones weak We do not expect it to happen easily but we believe that Derby is special, there is a cost between players and fans We are very pleased with the importance of their game, but I believe we have the right position in the ones, new confidence, good behaviors, and we enjoy four goals in the Ukrainian network, because we've been able to do it. , fight in the previous games, Fenerbahce Istanbul said at his press release press release.

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