Video – Hassan al-Redad shows information about his new movie by al-Sabki


Video – Hassan al-Raddad gives information about his new film by Al-Sabki Al-Ridad to & # 39; gives information about his new film by Al-Sabki, a video – Hassan Al-Redad talks about his new film by Al-Sabki. With the best news, the video – Hassan al-Redad featuring information about his new movie by al-Subki.

We have a busy news with the artist Hassan al-Raddad currently preparing for his new film, and recently contracted with producer Ahmed al-Sabki and plans to start filming during the mid- future.

Al-Redad spoke about the preparation of his new film, his definition so far that his name has not been chosen. It is written by Mustafa Hamdi, 50% ready and completed after 3 weeks.

"The film is related to the quality of the drama and activity, and it includes a large group of starred stars currently but not yet settled on one of them to take part in the work, "said Hassan al-Raddad at a meeting with DMC at the International Film Festival opening ceremony.

The latest film was added by Hassan Al-Raddad, "Al Khawaja & Knot", released last year, an income of over 9 million pounds. Coincided with Bayoumi Fouad, Majed El Masry, Hana El Zahid and Samia Traboulsi. Ahmed Al-Sabki.

It is clear that Hassan Al-Raddad participated in the 2018 Ramadan in the "Azmi and Ashgan" series, with Emmy Samir Ghanem, Nasreen Amin, Samir Ghanem, Bayoumi Fuad, Ahmed Halawa, Ahmed Sultan, Mohamed Tharwat, Mohamed Lotfi and Badria Tolba. It is written by Ahmad Mohie and Mohammad Mohammadi.

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