[Vídeo] Is the story about Super Smash Bros. Prepare better than Brawl? An emissary subspace vs. Lost World Of The World – Nintenderos.com


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It was sold last Friday and, since then, it has been donated a lot to talk about it.

One of the biggest things to take into account this new title is, of course, the inclusion of a tourism method, "Lost star world", where we started by Kirby management and we have to address Lumina, the enemy of the whole Smash domain.

This adventure system has been astonishing because there was nothing like the previous portion of the series, the Wii U and 3DS, so we need to go back to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a title that came out on Wii in 2008, for something like it.

This is why our YouTube co-workers have asked themselves the following question: is the Brawl or Ultimate tourism method better? In the following video, they are & # 39; Comparison between "The subspace emissary" by "Lost world of stars", identifying the best and worst of the two modes.

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