Video: Jane Mengolini banned bail on Mendoza – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Social networks were accused of an event against the event at the Olegario Campus when journalists Julia Mengolini and Gabriela Borrelli spoke.

According to Mengolini, through his Twitter account, Gonzalo Innocenti, proprietor and campus, would have cut off the microphone when he was in a position; Talk with the excuse "we're not talking about politics here."

In video sharing through Twitter, you can watch its & # 39; a moment in which the communications are aware that they do not have a sound, so Innocenti is going on and telling them "One of the guides I have sent is that we do not talk about politics", who woke up the protest of the people who were present.

This human activity was taken as an act of censorship by the communicator and lawyer.
This was encouraging me to move the speech to another place and leave Olegario.

In the face of Mencolini's complaint, many users of social networks revealed the greatness and the journey they had made and even a conversation given by Laurent Montero on campus, which meant that Innocenti's opinion was based on political circumstances.

Sometimes, A sun He tried to communicate with Innocenti to know his situation about what happened. However, no response was received.

Some of the concepts of network users:

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